Readers Respond

"You are doing a great job. Praise the Lord for your labor of love. We look forward to each issue of The Examiner. May the Lord continue to bless you and the work you are do­ing. We deeply appreciate you." - New Mexico

"I appreciate many of the thoughts in The Examiner, and am hoping to find locally some who have similar concerns. I do believe that reprints of some of the articles previously published would be helpful, so enclosed is a check towards that end ($25.00). I referred to "reprints" rather than tracts, be­cause of the lesser expense, and per­haps the desirability of creating a different image. In any case, keep up the good work. " - New Mexico

"We enjoy reading The Examiner - find it very thought provoking and agree with you on most points. Keep up the good work." - San Antonio, TX

"A friend in East Texas had the January and March issues when we visited her over the weekend. She was not finished with them. Please send these issues and put us on the mailing list. Thank you." - Texas

"Please send the names of contact people in this area that we could meet with. Enclosed is a check for $60. Please send five copies of The Simple English Bible and, if possible, the back issues of The Ex­aminer before March 1987." - Alabama

"I am sending $25 and I would sure like to have another Simple English Bible as a gift. I just pray that we will understand before its too late. Do pray for me please. God bless you and all those who are willing to study with an open mind." - Texas

"I received the latest Examiner (March 89) Saturday and, as usual, sat down to read it. It is great as always."

"It scared me when I read of your heart attack. Our prayers are with you, also our love. We need you a­round for a long time yet. All those souls who have not yet read The Examiner need you desperately, so be sure to take care of yourself." - Louisiana

"We have received The Ex­aminer for about a year and find much about it to appreciate. Enclosed is a donation and a copy of our church directory and the names of some friends and relatives.

"I would be interested in the name of the contact person in...I am send­ing that may be of some help. " - Texas

"Keep up the good work! Enclos­ed is a check for $25. " - California

"We continue to enjoy The Ex­aminer. Our greatest reason for lik­ing it is that it makes us think! It en­courages us to get out our Bibles and study. It has been good for us and we thank you for all your efforts...

"We are very thankful for you and the work you are doing to help us discover the truth. A real sense of peace has come over us since we be­gan reading The Examiner. We share it with many." - Richardson, TX

"The Examiner continues to be consistently one of the great publications of our day. I'm thrilled with the great wealth of information each issue contains. I am always willing to be a "contact" person in St. Louis area." - Missouri

"I enjoy The Examiner and agree with most of it and keep an open mind on the rest. It says a lot of what I have believed and tried to point out to others. Good luck, God bless you." - Alabama

"The pamphlets you sent were really appreciated.

"Have just received the latest copy of The Examiner. The story about the trouble in Little Rock is shocking but really not surprising. Since it is now out in the open the truth will be more effective.

"Now is the time to expand circulation of The Examiner. I will help to the best of my ability." - Ohio

"A friend passed your publication on to me. I enjoyed it very much. I see it as a way to further remove ourselves from tyranical elders. In our town they have driven away about 80 of us. We are meeting in a home at present." - Arizona

"Somebody has written you recently that I do not want to receive The Examiner. That is an error. I am open minded enough that I would like to continue reading it. More Church of Christ people need to." - Texas

"I have been so deeply engrossed in studying the back issues that it just dawned on me that your paper is no longer coming to this address. That is an error on my part. Start it coming again. My last issue was September '88. Please send the issues I missed Kep up the good work, it is time people started studying for themselves instead of being spoon-fed by the self appointed clergy." - Texas

"Remove my name from your mailing list/You will stand accountable before God of the heresy you are teaching and promoting and encouraging others to believe as you build your little 'empire' of followers." - Texas

"Enjoy the thought provoking articles. Hang in there. No need to acknowledge contribution." - Missouri

"I would like to express my appreciation for your publication. It has greatly helped me to understand the nature of God's church. Please accept this donation of $20.00 signifying my support of examining the teaching of men as compared to God s word. Thank you again. - Arizona

"I have just received my first issue of The Examiner. What a breath of hope it is! Thank you for being a Daniel in 1988! Please keep my name on the mailing list. Also, my husband and I would be most willing to serve as contacts for anyone in our area who would love to have fellowship and Bible study together in our home. If there is already a contact person, we would love to be contacted. My family and I want to be just Christians, tho we have met with the Church of Christ all our lives. We find it exciting to hear of others who truly want Jesus to be Lord and not have the church as King. Any other materials you have that we could use as study helps would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you for all you are do­ing." - South Dakota

"My wife and I meet with several families who want to be just Chris­tians. We have been disfellowshipped by the Lords of the C of CC. Jesus is love and peace and joy and kind. It is great to be relieved from the burdens of man to follow Jesus the best we can. Anyway we pooled our money and would like 10 copies of the Simple English N. T. Also add my name as a contact. - Ohio