"Church habits of professor spur debate"is the heading of an article in the Arkansas Gazette, 2/17/89. The Sunday morning activities of Dr. Dwight Ireland, an associate professor of psychology, have caused quite a stir at Harding University. The report is that the Administration has threatened to fire Ireland "unless he starts going to one of the (approved) local Church of Christ churches on Sunday morning. Ireland has been "holding church services for about ten people in his home rather than attend a church in Searcy." Apparently the school has a rule in the teacher contract requiring the teacher "to attend church at one of the five main Churches of Christ in Searcy" (AR). It has students divided between those who favor Ireland and those who seem to say that Ireland must "attend church" at one of the prescribed churches. At this time I have not learned the outcome of this attempted enforcement of required church attendance. Maybe someone can update me. - CAH