Readers Respond

"Please continue sending The Examiner to me, I enjoy it very much." --Pennsylvania

"We so appreciate your paper and would like to be put on your mailing list, along with these trial people."-Colorado

"Dear Charles: I very deeply appreciate your article on 'What Does The Word 'Church' Mean?' The Puritan fathers eliminated it from their vocabulary. Dr. George Campbell and James McKnight never used it. Alexander Campbell in presenting Living Oracles told why it did not once appear in the book. Hugh J. Schonfield, the only Jew ever to translate the New Covenant scriptures used the word 'community' in every instance. I like that a great deal. --W. Carl Ketcherside

"Do not send your satanic garbage to our home again. "-- Washington

"Please remove me from your mailing. I wonder what you would write about if you were not critical of your brothers and sisters."--South Carolina

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoy reading The Examiner. Keep up the good work. I am enclosing $25. Please send us a copy of The Simple English Bible-NT."-- Ohio

'"Please remove my name from your mailing list. I do not wish to receive any more of these magazines."--Greenville, Texas

"Dear people of The Examiner: I am praying for you because I believe you people are causing a great harm to the cause of Christ. Please cancel my subscription if I have one, to The Examiner and do not send another one. "-- Clovis, NM

"NO! I never ordered this magazine. I don't want it. Why don't you live up to your 'Christian' (questionable) word and not send it where it isn't wanted? I get enough junk mail. I have my Bible (God's word) to read. Thank you. "--Ft. Worth, Texas

"Your publication is helping a lot of people to realize they are not alone in seeking freedom from the institutionalized yoke. Here's a little financial help. "-- Texas

"Enclosed find $50 to spread the truth through The Examiner. I may not agree totally on all the points you bring up, but I certainly feel I am no longer alone in my own understanding of the scriptures and the Greek renderings. Keep up the work. We all must pray for one another that truth shall overcome. If you know of any in our area open to pure study, please advise. Thank you. "-- Wisconsin

I am very happy about someone sending my name in so I could be on your mailing list. As you said in January 1989 issue--Slave of Christ, Yes! Slave of men institutions, or religious systems, NO! "Please send names of Christians in this area who are willing to get together with (us). Enclosed is a $50 contribution. I will continue to help as often as I can." -Baltimore, MD

"Enclosed, pleased find my check for $50 for my contribution to this excellent publication, The Examiner. Please send a copy of the January 89 paper to the person whose name is on the enclosed card. "--Indiana

"Please send me Book Offer No. 3 and just keep on keeping on." (Sent $100)-- California

"We are interested in meeting with people in this area who would like to attend home Bible studies. Nearby towns are...Please let us know whom to contact. If needed we are also willing to serve as contact persons. We appreciate your help. "--Texas

"I just received and have read the latest issue (1/89) of The Examiner, which I enjoyed and with which I agree. I especially liked your concluding article entitled "what does the word 'Church' mean?" This was brought home to me 30 years ago when I resided in Minnesota. The local Roman Catholic priest publicly ridiculed the idea of the "Church of Christ" being a scriptural name; stating that "Church" was of R. C. origin and was not a true translation of the original writ. The Minnesota Bible College language professors refused an invitation to debate the question! Nuf Said! I do not know if you are familiar with the book, "Saints and Strangers," by George F. Willison, which is a compilation of documents relating to the pilgrims, but it clearly states the case of King James. I'm enclosing a check of $50 and would appreciate Hailey's Comments. I will also volunteer as a 'contact person' for this area...and the surrounding towns of... Keep up the good work!"--Missouri

"Thank you for the Editorial /November 88--Editor) and sending out The Examiner. You have said what several of us in ...have been trying to say for some time, but you explained it clearer. I would be happy to have people call me and meet in my home. At this time we have about 20 more or less meeting in an office building, Sunday morning. I am sending you a check, your editorial asks nicely. In my belief the word of God tells us how to give. It tells me the only one to ask for anything needed is to ask the Father in the Name of His Son and all will be provided. It works! If you will keep sending and asking God, we will be able to move mountains... "--Texas

"No, No, No, 1000 times No, do not send The Examiner to us!"--Texas (Isn't it interesting how fearful some people are of the light? It is his choice, he can remain in his chosen darkness.)

"Sirs: We are devout members of the Church of Christ. I can't believe intelligent people can read the bible and take scripture out of context and make it anything you want it to."