Church Is An Institution

Buffalo Church of Christ started in 1894--95 years ago. There were 52 original members. None of them are living today. Not one of the present members was a member earrlier than 1932, and only one that far back.

The Buffalo Church of Christ existed and operated 38 years before any current member became a member.

Constant turnover in membership, who would come and go, die, move away. Several changes in the officials (elders, deacons) and Minister. Present membership: 116. Yet the Buffalo Church of Christ still remains!

What is it that still remains?

Not the original people/members.

Not the original officials or Minister.

Not the original building--in 1980 Buffalo Church of Christ built a nice, totally new building at a totally different location.

What is it that has remained intact, under the same name for 94 years?

Answer: Buffalo Church of Christ--the organization, institution, corporate body.

Lesson: The church is not the people/members. The church is an institution, a functioning organization, totally independent of and identifiable apart from the people--the disciples. Dear brothers and sisters, surely you can understand this reality! Buffalo Church of Christ is not froom God; it is wholly of men!

Questions and Answers

Name What?

  1. What is a Lutheran Church? It is a church.
  2. What is a Methodist Church? It is a church.
  3. What is a Church of God? It is a church.
  4. What is a Church of Christ? It is a church.

Commonality: Each one is a church! Whatever No. I is, they all are! Each one is a denomination.

The name is: Church of Christ; and it is a church; therefore, Church of Christ church! It is a named or denominated Southside Church of Christ, for example. It is a denomination like all the others.

6) Whatever No. I is they all are.