Readers Respond

"Yes, I would like to know of others in my area who share concerns about issues discussed in The Examiner...If I have to travel 100 miles to find others of like interest in the church I would do so. If you would give me the names and addresses and/or phone number of interested members in this vicinity so I could contact them I would appreciate it. "-- Ohio

"I was so excited this month to receive a copy of "The Examiner"... "I was also excited to see that some people from...had written in to you with the desire to meet together to explore the truth in the Scriptures. I would be very grateful if you could either share my name and address with them or, if possible, you could send their names and addresses to me. If there are others in...I would appreciate their names as well

"Please accept my enclosed gift and my sincere thanks for your diligence in challenging all to seek the truth." --Maryland

"Use the enclosed check as you wish to further your work. We find your magazine so thought-provoking. It is so pleasing to read someone who is questioning the traditions that are not Biblical have-to's." - Ohio

"Just a note to let you know that it is nice to be starting to enjoy some freedom after years of C.O.C.C. bondage. "-- CA

"Freedom of speech is paramount and although I may not understand and accept "all," your courage to print freely is to be protected. Much has been said about what the church is not or should not be. It may be the time to tell us what the ekklesia is, does and how it operates. "--California

"I would like for you to know that I enjoy receiving The Examiner and the items in it express my views on many subjects. Also, I know of several others in the congregation that I attend, who have the same views, but will probably never write to you. "I have very strong feelings about some of the things going on among our brethren today and feel that we are going the same way as the First Christian Church has done about 70 years behind them. Enclosed is my remittance for $100 to be used by you to continue this ministry. We are behind you."--Dallas, TX

"I've been reading The Examiner for about 11/2 years and have benefited greatly from the viewpoints which expose the Church of Christ's denominational ways. Some of the subjects used in The Examiner I have thought about before, and others are new to me. I have wanted to 'break tradition' for a long time and have faced many hardships and rejections from C of C brethren when I brought up 'controversial' or 'non-traditional' subjects. My wife and I have thought about 'breaking away' from the C of C for many months for the sake of our spiritual well-being. Could you please send us the names of people who read The Examiner and want to be free?...If you can supply us with the names of others with the same desires to be free we would appreciate it. Also, feel free to use me as a contact person for others in this area. "--Ohio

"Thank you. I appreciate very much what you are doing and for helping me to see the truth. I would like to be a contact person. "-- Texas

"Love the magazine. Wish I was rich so it could be published world-wide. Need a few rich saints to help. Enclosed is a bit, but lots of prayers and hopes. "-- Texas

"Words seem so inadequate to express the growth that has taken place in my spirituality since I s farted reading your paper. Brother Hook's books have helped so much and I learned about them through your paper. Praise God that we are being awakened in the C of C. Please keep up the great work/ Your free brother/"-- Mississippi

"Just a note of encouragement to keep on. I really appreciate each issue.

"While reading your Editorial on 'Plans For The Future,' and the goals you have in mind, it seems to me that you laid the axe at the root in the article by Protrepo, Church and State. I view the article as very timely since the Romish church is now on the defensive regarding homo-sexuality among the priests. "--Illinois

"I am sending a contribution of $25 and I would like a gift of The Simple English Bible-NT. Also am sending some more names to receive The Examiner. I am enjoying the paper and I pray these people whose names I have sent will study with an open mind...May God bless you and all those who are engaged in this great work." -- Texas

"Hello! Enjoy The Examiner and would like the Book Offer No. 3--The Theft of a Nation. Enclosed is my contribution of $15. Also a card with names. "--Missouri

"I very much enjoy your magazine. One gets tired, after years, of hearing the same legalist C of C teachings that are taught as though salvation depended on them. Sadly, many people who hear these laws written by man enough times, get to believing that they are the teaching of the Scriptures. Thank you for The Examiner. Please add the name below to your mailing list. Keep up the good work, my prayers are with you." --New Mexico

"Greetings to you in Christ our brother. We have just started receiving The Examiner. It is very thought provoking and definitely encourages study of the Scriptures.

Can you please send copies of The Examiner from beginning through March 19887 Enclosed is $25 to help with this expense.

Also is there a contact person here in Connecticut ?...If there is no contact person, you may use our name for people to contact. Would you also send The Examiner to those addresses. Thank you."

"Finally a publication I'm excited about. One which I can endorse and support. So I'm sending a small donation. I also have some names and addresses for you to please send the July 1988 issue of The Examiner. My friend from Texas sent me one. Thank you for your time. It's my plan to follow-up these people in an attempt to establish Christian fellowship in ________. Thank you, and I bid you God-speed." --Pennsylvania