Some Personal Words From The Editor

Has The Examine Helped You?

Has this paper helped you toward a better understanding of God's word? Has it made you more aware of the departure from the simple way of the Lord on the part of the Lord's people? Has it awakened you to the fact that the people of God have been INSTITUTIONALIZED in the local church institution? Have you come to recognize that the C of C churches have become a full-fledged denomination the same as others? (Considering the fact that there are several alienated divisions going under that denominational name, perhaps I should note that that NAME is used by four or five different denominations!) Have the articles herein opened the eyes of your understanding to see more clearly the truth about the evils of institutional religion; about the dictatorial, papal power now being claimed by the Elder-ship in the local church organizations? Has it helped you to realize that membership in a local corporate church is about the same as SLAVERY to the institution, or, to be slaves of men? Has it helped you to accept the truth that there is no "Lord's treasury" or divinely authorized "church treasury" into which you are required to pay or contribute your tithe or giving?

Has it helped you to accept your individual freedom in Christ; that you are free in Christ and that you have no other Master or Ruler save Jesus Christ? Have you become more fully aware that YOU are individually responsible for your life and actions, and for your decisions about your service to Him?

If these probing questions can be answered in the affirmative to any degree, then YOU have been helped by this paper; that is, by those who have written the materials. If it has been good for YOU, then it should be good for all other Christians who are of an honest and good heart. Do you believe that you should share the good, that which is helpful, with other saints? Surely YOU do understand this: Freely YOU have received, freely gave. Are YOU willing to do this, even as others have done for you?

If so, there are ways YOU can help spread the word and the spiritual blessings:

(1) Send the names/addresses of other Christians to whom the paper can be sent.

(2) Find others disciples, and even those of an honest and good heart who are not Christians, and start meeting with them for fellowship, study of God's word, and to encourage each other to love and good works. Discuss the importance of becoming and being Christians only, non-denominational disciples of Jesus Christ. Help those who are not Christians to learn how to become such. How do you find such people? Ask them. Talk to them about your desire for such and ask if they would be interested. Start with other Christians you know well, then with those you don't know so well. Ask your neighbors and people you know at work. You might even advertise, post a notice at the supermarket, or just invite several people to your home for a meal and tell them of your desire for others to meet with you. Maybe some will; maybe none will. Do not try to pressure anyone. You can find others who are concerned if you try. Let me know if you do this and what the results are.

(3) HELP US FINANCIALLY WITH THIS PAPER! This is very important. Remember somebody provided the finances for YOU to get it. Help us send it to thousands of others who, like you, may be helped by it. This paper is not MY work, nor the work of few, but the work of each and everyone who participates and makes it possible to get it to thousands with the needed teaching it contains. YOUR FINANCIAL HELP IS NEEDED IF IT IS TO CONTINUE AND INCREASE IN CIRCULATION. It is needed NOW. It is needed on a regular basis. The financial burden has greatly increased due to increased circulation and the fact that we are having to have some of the work done by others at cost to us.

We have no wealthy or rich person underwriting this effort. What has been done has been by ordinary disciples sharing what they have to provide this paper to others--at no cost or obligation! That's the only way I want it. YOU OWE US NOTHING! You can freely receive the paper. And if you want to "freely give," that is your decision. It may well be, however, that YOU do owe to others to share with them (even those unknown to you) the teaching of truth (both positive and negative) offered in this paper. Think about it.

We NEED willing, faithful financial supporters of this effort. (Thank God, we have had several who have been there from the beginning).

STOP PAYING FOR THE INSTITUTIONAl, CHURCH OPERATION--the big building and its upkeep, the salaries of the hired professional staff of Ministers, and the other corporate operational expenses. Don't turn over to the Eldership what money you decide to "give to the Lord." Giving to the Lord is NOT turning it over to a body of Rulers to decide what will be done with it. It is YOUR money and you should decide its use! Do as the early disciples did--"each one of them determined to send a contribution" to meet a specific need. That was not the action of a corporation but of individual saints (Acts 11:29-30). The responsibility is yours--each one of you--to decide the use of your resources.

C of C church members have been brainwashed into believing that giving into the church treasury is their duty, as one of the imagined "five acts of worship," and must be done every Sunday. This is set forth as a "sacred duty" and failure to do so means condemnation by God. Therefore, they "fear" the threats of men and dutifully obey men rather than God. You do NOT owe the C of C church anything!

You alone are responsible for your resources--financial and otherwise. YOU should decide how your resources --time, talent, money, service, teaching, helping, caring, singing, praying, studying, etc. - will be used! In other words, as a disciple of Jesus Christ, make HIM your Lord and Master and only He has the right to direct your life and the use of what you are and have.

Individual responsibility and individual accountability are inherent rights of every disciple of Jesus. This involves all decisions and choices. YOU must accept this tremendous responsibility because you alone will be accountable to the Lord Jesus for the stewardship of what He has entrusted to your use for Him.

We need your help as identified above. It is your choice whether to help with this work or not. We respect that fact. You are under no obligation to do so. The paper comes to you, and everyone else, free and without any obligation whatever. Our hope and prayer is that you will study what is offered with an honest and good heart; and accept and obey what is truth. God bless you one and all. - CAH