His Great Deception Is A Great Success!

The Devil's Plan

The devil met one of his local subordinates on the street of an American city not long ago, and said to him, "Well, how are things getting along in this town?"

"For the first time since I've been stationed here," said the subdevil, "they're looking pretty badly." "What's the matter?"

"See that fellow accross the street?"

"Yes. What about him?"

"Well, in some way he got hold of a grain of real, undiluted, concentrated truth. That grain of truth is like a deadly bomb. If he uses it rightly he can blow up our whole business here."

The devil looked carefully at the man on the opposite sidewalk. "I'll tell you how to handle him," he said. "You tempt him to take that grain of truth and organize it. Make it the basis of some kind of society, or lodge, or club. Then he'll spend his time running the club, and he won't have any time to use the truth against us."

From the latest report I hear that the man yielded to the temptation, and that the devil's plan is working beautifully. The grain of truth, which is the nucleus of the organization which he founded, lies in a glass case unused, in a corner of the gentleman's office in the building which the new organization erected. Some day the man who found it may take it out and use it; but just now he's too busy taking care of the organization to do any extra work." - The Christian Herald, Jan. 27, 1923