The Aclu Issue. Newspaper columnists have been trying to convince the readers that the American Civil Liberties Union is actually a noble patriotic freedom-loving outfit of which we should all be proud. Just what is ACLU policy? Here are portions of their approved policy guide: Policy No. 4 urges repeal of all laws against pornography. The ACLU defends those who sell, distribute and profit from child pornography. Policy No. 81 calls for a permanent ban on displays of the nativity scene and the menorah on public property. Policy No. 84 calls for removal of "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Policy No. 210 calls for legalization of all narcotics, including crack and angel dust. Policy No. 242 urges that "all criminals except those guilty of such crimes as murder and treason, be given suspended sentence...and be sent back to the community." Policy No. 264 (supported by ACLU lawsuits) declares that gays have a constitutional right to marry, become foster parents and engage in street solicitation. (Patrick Buchanan, Tribune Media Services writer)--The Witness