Readers Respond

"Thank you for The Examiner. Thank you for the strength and faith to tell the truth. Enclosed is $50. Please send as many of each back issue as possible. I did not read past issues. I thought they were something from A CU and was not interested in their snow jobs. May God give you the insight to keep on writing your paper. "--Dallas, TX

"Recently I saw my first copy of The Examiner. I didn't get to read anything in it. A friend had it at church. He gave me the above address. I would appreciate getting The Examiner for a while, please. "-- Texas

(Editor's Note: It is interesting to know that The Examiner was found "at church," but I wonder why. It has been "at church" in numerous churches, even making it to the Pulpit/ The "Head-Elder" is one SE Texas church carried it to the Pulpit to denounce it and demand that all members at his church stop reading it; even return it/ Some who were present report that he was very angry and ugly in his condemnation of the paper and of those who read it, especially if they send it to others of his sheep. Like the Catholic bishop he banned it as reading material for his flock. And seven or eight of them dutifully obeyed!

In another East Texas church, a professional pulpit Minister was called in to "hold a meeting." On Friday night, he took The Examiner to the pulpit and spent well over an hour denouncing it. He placed it "under a curse "for anyone to read. He especially denounced and cursed Charles Holt as a false teacher of the worst sort. He really let us have it with both BB barrels! He was safe and secure in the confines of that pulpit and protected by The Eldership, before a partisan crowd, to distort and destroy. Yet he, and the Eldership/Lordship of that church, will not allow me equal time to discuss these subjects before that same audience. I sent word to him and to the Eldership that I would come and discuss these matters in a public discussion with this preacher right there before the same group, but they do not have the fairness and honor to allow it. That preacher was given free reign to "rail" against me and The Examiner, but even at my request I am NOT allowed to defend myself nor set forth my views and correct his misrepresentations. The members are allowed to hear only one side; and forbidden to hear the other side FAIRLY presented rather than distorted. If the members of the Church of Christ Church are willing to accept such pontifical power over them, that is their choice the same as belongs to the Roman Catholic Church members. How sad).

"Love the paper--please continue my subscription. From what I have read in my 4 copies I cannot express the pleasure I receive. 'Believe,' God will bless you all and your work. I pray more of your articles to be available on the West Coast. I am a teacher and am doing my part in sharing much of your material and must confess that often I may act as if the ideas were original with me. Forgive me, I do not do this to receive glory, but I get so excited and caught up in the material when I am sharing, that I forget to always give the credit to the proper source.

(Editor's Note: To God be the glory and all the credit. The praise in His alone. Tell the story and do the teaching with joy and excitement. Besides, when you have learned some truth relative to God's will for us, regardless of where or from whom it is learned, it THEN becomes yours! If it is the truth, it originated with God. We rejoice that truth is accepted and taught to many others. "Go thou and do likewise," is my urging to one and all).

"The Examiner" for September 1988 was VERY good. I would like very much to have all the back numbers before November 1986, plus September 1987, if possible." --Oklahoma

"I just recently read a copy of The Examiner and thought it was very thought provoking. I'd appreciate being put on the mailing list and receiving copies of any back issues you might have." -- Texas

"Hey! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! You've helped me to understand why I've been frustrated with 'the Church.' Keep the good news going. I'll help when I can."(Sent $50) - Memphis, TN

"I'm already receiving The Examiner -- it's very thought provoking and more of our brethren who think they 'know it all' should read it; and then search the Scriptures to see if what they thought was TRUTH isn't maybe tradition. (This person sent some names for the paper). --Tennessee

"I've received your publication since near it's beginning. I thoroughly appreciate receiving it too. I don't always agree, but I've always been challenged to think to study. I've served as a preacher for the 'Mainline' Church for 10 years, but I'm not working in that 'fulltime' capacity now, although I occasionally do fill in for some preachers in this area. Since about 1981 I've been struggling with some of the practices, teachings and directions that I am supposed to not only endorse, but to vigorously propagate. I would like to meet others who are willing to study open-mindedly what the Bible says to us personally on a practical level, without being filtered through our trained theologians. Please send my name and phone number to the contact person in the ...area...If needed I would be willing to be a contact person here too .... Thanks again for your fine work and your example of courage to address the 'sacred cows, issues that are strangling God's family. Just keep doing that. (P.S. Here's a little financial help.)"

"I've enjoyed and appreciated the issues I've seen. As an 'ole country boy, ' I can see you still 'take hold of the plow' and go right into the new ground, hitting stumps, roots and all. Best to you, Jewel and family. "(From a preacher in Texas who is busy spreading the word).

"Your last two issues have just been outstandingly edifying! Keep up the good work. "-- Wisconsin