A Truth and Freedom Forum/Fellowship was held October 21-23, 1988 in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It was a great success! It was encouraging to see so many saints get together for some open, serious discussions of God's word relative to some of the basic problems within and among Church of Christ churches today. Probably even more important was getting acquainted with so many others who share the same concerns and to realize that you are not alone. This awakening and concern is spreading rapidly, especially in Texas! More and more disciples of Jesus are speaking out and meeting with others to encourage one another to love and good works.

More and more saints are realizing that the C of C Church has become another denomination. They are unhappy and dissatisfied with the institutional church and the dictatorial rule of the Eldership. They know that things are not right and they are getting worse, and they are now beginning to understand the basic causes. The purpose of the get-together, and The Examiner, was to shed light (truth) on the situation and help Christians understand what the situation really is and what needs to be done about it.

There is a substantial number of disciples in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, and in Texas generally, who understand and who are trying to help other disciples see the truth and take a stand. And it is really working!

Another Truth and Freedom Forum/Fellowship is already being planned for 1989.

Leslie G. Thomas -- On October 17, 1988, he quietly slipped away at age 93. All of his life was given to preaching and teaching God's word, publicly and privately, and in his voluminous writings. He was an able, gentle, loving man. To know him was to love him. He enriched the lives of thousands. He will be missed.

G. K. Wallace -- Died after an extended illness, September 22, 1988, at age 85. I had the pleasure of knowing this man, who spent his life preaching and teaching the word. On several occasions at Freed-Hardeman College, and at other times, I benefitted from his lessons. He was a capable proclaimer of God's word; but differentin manner and approach to Leslie Thomas. God needs and uses men of different makeup and ability for different purposes. It takes "all kinds," as we sometimes put it. Regardless of who we are, however great or limited our knowledge and abilities may be, "there's a place in the ranks" of Jesus Christ for you and me.

In December 1959, G. K. Wallace and I met in a four-night public discussion in Florence, AL. The discussion had to do with church support of benevolent organizations and cooperative arrangements of Churches of Christ for preaching the gospel as was, and is yet, practiced in the Herald of Truth. It was put in book form by the GOSPEL ADVOCATE CO., but has long been out of print.

These brothers have gone the way of all flesh and before the Lord they will stand for HIS judgement, as will we all. As I see those of the generation before me leaving the scene of action, it makes me keenly aware of the brevity and uncertainty of life; and especially that my earthly sojourn is on its downside.

The glory and the hope for eternity lies only in Jesus Christ. Before Him we will all stand. We can rest assured that He is able to judge us in love and full understanding of everything involved. Oh, dear brother and sister, "prepare to meet thy God."

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A man about to speak the truth should have one foot in the stirrup.--Indian Proverb