Readers Respond

"I wish to express my continued enjoyment of your journal, The Examiner. Of all the religious periodicals that I receive, yours is the most stimulating, challenging, and significant. The Examiner dares to ask so many of the right questions, dares to challenge our traditions, dares to stand up to the powers that be, and most of all dares us to learn for ourselves what we should have learned many years ago."

"Even though we still are oceans apart on the "Divorce and Remarriage" issue, I still have a special feeling and admiration for you and your courage to stand up in the heat of the many battles you are fighting.

"Thanks for challenging the Lord's children to become what we should be striving to become.

"Finally, I would like to submit two names of individuals interested in getting in touch with other individuals in the North Alabama area for studying together. This includes myself and one other. " - Alabama

"My husband and I have enjoyed your paper for quite awhile. I must be honest, I set out to prove your teaching was false, only to find you were right. The more I study, the more I see the truth in your words.

"We thank you for waking us from what we thought was truth.

"Please send us names of other concerned Christians that we can fellowship with. You may also use our names as contact people.'" - Georgia

"Once again I wish to encourage and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I never dreamed that anyone looked upon the Word as I do until I received The Examiner. I sure hope I can come to Chattanooga sometime and talk with you.

"I earnestly think that you have done a wonderful job, but there is a great 'mountain' to climb yet. That 'mountain' is the love of the world that about 99% of Christians possess. Christians absolutely refuse to publicly oppose sins of the world that makes up the lifestyle of this present generation.

"I am really interested in getting in touch with some Christians who truly desire to follow the teaching of the Bible instead of following the teaching of commercial preachers and phony Elders.

If there are any within 75 miles of where I live I would like to know about them. I would be more than glad to be a 'Contact Person,' and you may use my name if you wish. I have been fighting error in assemblies since 1955 and expect to continue until I die...

"...I hope and pray that you will not let up, although I know it is hurting commercial preachers. I also hope and pray that before our lives end we can know that there are congregations truly following God's word and fighting the evils of the world, even though it includes some of the laws of this land we live in." -Tennessee

"Praise God for your boldness to speak out against the precepts of men that are so prevalent in the congregation of God's called out people. I have been a Christian for 12 years and have seen and tried to teach such for seven or eight years now. I have been threatened with disfellowshipping, etc., which is in the final stages right now. I left the Church of Christ 3 months ago and meet with 5 other families...We are going thru the first stages of accepting our responsibilities before God to teach our own families and encourage others to do the same. It's exciting, but it's also sad to see others so reliant upon what so-called leaders say about pleasing God. When I read your articles and others in The Examiner, it confirms what I hear Jesus saying to us, His people, that salvation is in Him, not in the 'Church.

"I praise God that your boldness has helped me take the stand that I knew I was going to have to take 'NOW. ' I know that our Father will never allow me to be sorry for believing Him. I am sending $50 to help and will continue to help. Put my name on the list of 'Contacts' in this area. " - Ohio

"Just a note to let you know that it's nice to be starting to enjoy some freedom after years of C. of C.C. bondage. Here is $25. Please send me Halley's Comments on the NT. - More names/addresses for The Examiner." - California

"I enjoy and benefit from the reading of The Examiner. It corroborates some of my thinking of the past. " - Washington

"My wife and I really enjoyed reading your paper called The Examiner. Please include us on your mailing list."

"I want to express my appreciation for the wonderful work you are doing. It is so discouraging to see so many so indifferent to the teaching. I wish I could get The Examiner into more hands, I am so glad I was introduced to it. I am sending $25, which I know is small in comparison to the work you are doing... - Texas

"I'm still enjoying The Examiner and read each one from cover to cover. Thanks for all your efforts..." - North Carolina

"The Examiner continues to be great. Sometimes I get to feeling so goofy, so alone in my thinking, and then I'll get The Examiner and I'll know at least I'm not crazy by myself. How's that for a backhanded compliment?

'I would like to know others in this area with similar beliefs...Keep challenging us to think. The article about generic prayer was fabulous. I've often wondered why people were so afraid to get specific..." - Haslet, TX

"Enclosed is my check for $15. Please send me a copy of The Theft Of A Nation. Please put me on the mailing list for The Examiner. Thank you. - Ohio

"Thank you for The Examiner. It's great. Please send me the book - The Theft Of A Nation. Enclosed is my check for $15." - Phoenix, AZ