* WHAT IS A "CHURCH HOME?" In his announcements the young preacher says: "If you are looking for a church home we invite you to consider this one." What is a "church home?" Is it a "home" operated by a church, like a home for the elderly or for unmarried, pregnant girls? One of our greatest curses is that we speak the language of denominationalism, NOT the language of Scripture. If the other denominations have it, rest assured that the C of C Churches will soon have it also, even to providing a "church home," whatever that is.

* ATTENTION: Please Help Us. We need to continually secure more and more names of disciples of Christ to whom we can send The Examiner for a trial period. Please send the names/addresses of any and all you can obtain. Relatives, friends, and church members everywhere. Send a recent Church Directory. Let's give every Christian possible a chance to read this paper and decide if he/she wants it to continue. Please don't pre-judge their interest or desire. We need names from Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Indianapolis, Louisville, and many other places. Let's get the message out to all possible.

* No man is so ignorant that he does not know what he would do if he were in your place.

* Speaking of Santiago, Chile, a city of about six million people, one dedicated brother wrote: "Many of them will die without ever hearing about the church of the New Testament." Isn't it sad that this good man thinks that hearing about THE CHURCH is so important. It is Jesus Christ they need to hear about, not the Church. In the same issue this brother wrote an article on "How To Find Many Good Prospects For The CHURCH In Your Own Neighborhood." Such emphasis on the CHURCH makes the CHURCH more important than Jesus.

* Wife to husband rummaging through the freezer, "If you're looking for the fish you caught, I froze it in an ice cube."

* In the FAR EAST WORLD EVANGELISM NEWSLETTER I often read language like this: "All congregations of the Churches of Christ are invited to send the names of their delegations to..." Here we have "congregations" sending "delegations." Do Churches of Christ have and send "delegations" to inter-church meetings? What are "congregations of the Churches of Christ?" Also I read this: "The Churches of Christ Invites Congregations of the Brotherhood to the..." What are "Congregations of the Brotherhood?" Does the "Brotherhood" have "congregations?" It is just more of the language of Ashdod that is necessary in trying to describe all the Church institutions and other human inventions.

* ORAL ROBERTS' LATEST "CRAZY" This scheme is asking his followers to follow in his footsteps in a plan to stamp the name of Jesus on their soles - of their footwear, that is. In a recent letter to contributors and "prayer partners," Roberts encouraged them to write "Jesus" on the heels of their shoes. "As you pat your foot down, know by your faith you're bruising the devil's head," he wrote in the letter. "The devil should always see the sole of your shoe coming down on him." Roberts says, "I really get a kick out of doing this."

Roberts tells them the steps to follow in getting this done just right. They should follow directions to set up "a point of contact to release your faith for your miracle." They are to literally "write 'Jesus' on the bottom of your actual shoe heel. You ought to see the bottom of my shoes - 'Jesus' is written on them," he claims. "I'm serious about it," he asserts.

Roberts is pressing for contributions to maintain his medical missions program. This latest gimmick may bring in a few million from HIS deluded followers.

* JUST THINKING...To enjoy happiness, we must create it. We should live simply, expect little, give much. We should fill our lives with love, scatter sunshine, forget self, and think of others. That is, do as we would be done by. Suppose we try it a week - see if we regret it.

"Came across your magazine while visiting with a friend in Missouri and wanted to ask if you could put me on your mailing list? The articles I read were excellent and I think we would benefit from them. If there are any available back issues I would gladly send you the postage needed to be able to read them, too. THANK YOU! - Arkansas

"I am writing to confirm my subscription. I am a Youth Minister." - TN