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"I enjoy reading The Examiner. I think you are basically right in what you have been saying, but, right or wrong, you are making us think, and that's what causes growth in the "called out.' - Tennessee

'7 have been receiving The Examiner now for only about 3 or 4 months. I feel that many of the articles are real eye-openers and are needed so much among brethren.

"Since there is no charge at all for the paper I can imagine the great burden it must be for you! Please accept this little contribution from my wife and me. We can think of no better way to use that which is God's gift to us in the first place. We hope you will keep up the good work, and may the Lord continue to allow you good health!" - LA

"Enclosed is a check for $10 to support your fine effort in disseminating the truth. Please keep up the good work and continue us on your mailing list. " - Oklahoma

"Enclosed please find a small contribution to help defray the cost of my subscription to The Examiner.

'I thoroughly enjoy reading The Examiner and eagerly look forward to all future issues.

"Keep up the good work and continue to strive to keep us thinking! - An Attorney, Texas

"Dear Brothers, Please start sending me your publication The Examiner. I have heard great things about your paper! Thank you. " - Houston, TX

"I would like for you to send The Examiner to some of my friends and my daughter...I enjoy reading The Examiner and see the truth in it." - Texas

"Please do not! send this magazine to me anymore. I do not appreciate receiving this kind of nonsense." - Ft. Worth, TX

"Do not send The Examiner - Remove from your mailing list immediately." - Arlington, TX