A Letter Of Interest

Thank you very much for the tape and also the full set of The Examiner. Thank you for publishing the Examiner, the only "Paper" that has made me study for hours at a time for days at a time. Although I, like you, might not agree with every item published it is wonderful to again be studying God's word and proving all things. Please send me another complete set of the Examiner for a friend. Enclosed is a check to help on your expenses. The good I have received is certainly worth much more than this amount to me.

You may use any of this letter in the paper if it will help. I am not sure if I want my name used yet but by the time you publish any of this (if you choose to) it may not matter. I just need a little time to get things going here before the heat turns up! I hope to write you another possible article soon but in the mean time maybe you could use this. "LONGTIME MEMBER?"

1, like many Christians, grew up in the "Church of Christ." I was at least a third generation "member" on both sides of my family (maybe even further back). I went to one of the proper "Colleges" as did my father and all of my brothers. I minored in Bible. When I started working I continued to teach Bible classes, did some preaching, served as a deacon and all the while prepared myself to become an Elder. At various times I thought "we" had it all figured out. That "we" were "The" Church. But during all this time some things really "bugged" me. I struggled with many things but the most pressing problem has been all of our various little groups. Each one, of course, says that they are the one "TRUE" church or that they

are the only "SOUND" congregation in town. I have never known how to deal with that or understand it until now. I used to argue with the "anti-cooperation" preachers and members for hours at a time trying to convince them that my way was correct and theirs was wrong. I tried every way I could think of to convince them that it was not wrong to take money out of the "TREASURY" and help to support an orphan or a nonmember. Now I just look back at all of that and think, what a terrible waste of time! Almost all of our arguments were about what can and can not be sent out of the "LORDS TREASURY!" Arguments about MONEY! Arguments about what can or can not be in the "CHURCH BUILDING!" Some say you can have a water fountain, a commode, a sink and maybe a refrigerator for the grape juice but not a oven or microwave. You see, if you have any cooking items that means that there will be eating at the church building and that becomes a "Matter of Faith" for some. My position was that it was ok to cook and eat at the building but we should not have "recreation" there. Utterly ridiculous how we thought! Thank God I am now free from all of that. I no longer support a "Church Building" or a "Church Treasury." It is so simple it is incredible. The answer has been right under our noses for all this time! And on top of all of that it makes me what I was when I was first immersed, just a Christian. I am no longer a "Church of Christ" Christian or a "Church of Christ (mainline type)" Christian I am JUST A CHRISTIAN! Now Christians of both sides of these issues are my brethren! - Texas