The Simple English Bible (NT)

Dr. STANLEY MORRIS is a highly recognized scholar in Greek, Hebrew, and in translation work, and is the principle translator of this Bible. Other brethren were involved, along with some help from other language scholars. (To know Stanley Morris is to respect and love him!) The primary motivation behind this "simple" translation was that it might be then translated into the Chinese language for distribution in that country. It is ideal for that purpose and this great work is still underway. In fact, the whole package is completed with the assurance that it can be distributed in China. It is part of a package designed to teach English to the Chinese people. Millions in that country (and most other countries of the world) are very eager to learn English.

This great work of getting the word of God into China is critical and should be carried out. Obviously, it will cost thousands of dollars to do this. Sending only a Bible in English will do little good; but to provide one in the Chinese language and one in English can make the kind of impact for reading the Bible that is needed. If you are interested in knowing more about this great work, perhaps even helping support it financially and otherwise, write to: Dr. Stanley Morris, 67 Deborah Road, Windsor Locke, CT 06096.

In my view this is one of the greatest opportunities to reach that nation with God's word that I have ever known about. It is just too good to let it fail. The door has been opened and we just must arise to the occasion and raise the money to see that this work is done. What can have more influence upon the people of that nation than placing in the hands of thousands of them the Word of God in both languages? The power of God is exercised through that word. The Good News is the power of God unto salvation. Do not worry about it, just believe it, the Scriptures can speak for themselves with great clarity even without a human teacher to "explain" it.

Let us give God's word an opportunity with that great nation. Will you help? Will your COMPANY, or the one you work for, help? Many companies do have an arrangement by which they contribute to non-profit organizations that do such non-sectarian work and acts of charity. Do you know of a private foundation or charitable organization that might contribute to such a worthy work? First, it is designed to teach English to those who want to learn it and need to know such to give them a better chance in this world. Second, it has an even greater benefit in offering the possibility of teaching them about the one true and living God and His Son Jesus Christ, who is the Savior of the whole world. Please help us!

This translation is called "simple" because it is just that, easier to read and understand. You will need to get used to it because it does not read nor sound Bible-like. The long involved, difficult sentences have been eliminated. It eliminates many of the old ecclesiastical words which confuse the modern reader. It is great for children, young people, and even us older people. It is excellent when read aloud by a good reader. You should have -and use - this translation in your study. It has been around for almost ten years, but has not become widely known.

We do not sell books or Bibles, but we are in a position to offer you a copy of this translation as a gift if you will send a contribution of $25 or more to help with the publication of THE EXAMINER. We definitely need the financial help and YOU need this translation in your study. I strongly recommend that you obtain a personal copy and you will want one for others in your family. One Christian (a woman) here bought and gave away more than a dozen to those who had completed a substance-abuse program. They were delighted and expressed their gratitude in several ways. What a great use to make of this Bible. Several mentioned that they were happy to have the Bible written in language that they can understand. Who knows what the end result will be of this generous gift of the Word of Life!

Send your contribution today ($25) and we will send you a copy as a gift. If you want to buy several copies outright, write and we will tell you how to do that. This Bible is NOT sold in bookstores as far as I know. Send to: Truth and Freedom Ministry, Inc., P.O. Box 21584, Chattanooga, TN 37421. Your contribution is tax-deductible. THANKS. -- CAH.