From The Heart of
One Woman To The
Heart of Other Women

Dear Ladies,

While reading the scriptures recently I was reminded of the vast difference between God's people and the people of the world. Do you think there is a great problem in the Body today because of our lack of understanding of the difference? I wonder!

Scripture describes only two spirit-fathers. One is God, our Father, and Satan, the father of everyone else. This might be hard even to think about because we may (and probably do) have loved ones who are in Satan's family. Recently, a young lady said, "We usually think of those who are not in Christ as being non-Christians, but we fail to realize WHO they are, children of the devil." Maybe because we do not think of them in this true light we are not as diligent in trying to bring them to Christ. If we truly realized where they will spend eternity, and with whom, would we not snatch them from the fire, or forever be trying?

You know, someone does not have to be immoral, a thief, nor a reprobate to be the devil's child. He has only to be excluded by God from His family through disobedience. If he is not God's child he is automatically Satan's child. Because of this fact does it seem reasonable, or even possible, to expect the devil's child to live according to the laws of our Father, until he becomes His child? Does a physical father expect a neighbor's child to live under his direction when the neighbor child has his OWN father to obey?

Ladies, we must spare our own children eternal punishment. Imagine the sorrow they will be spared, if our children are diligently taught from early years the difference in the two fathers and their children. In the first place, they would not want to copy the devil's family in any area of immorality whether in dress, speech, reading material, or entertainment. They would grow up studying and knowing who was in each family. They would not be fooled by shallow preaching from the "pulpit minister" (mentioned nowhere in our Lord's Holy Word) nor shallow youth directors who usually need to be directed themselves.

Our children would know how their spiritual Father hates immorality. They would know early to love what God loves and to hate what He hates. Also, they would not want to play with the devil by getting as close to the world as possible and still be Christians because "evil companionship corrupts good morals."

Consider this! When it comes time to choose a mate, how fortunate is the young person who knows the difference in the two families, for he will never desire, nor allow Satan to become his father-in-law. He will want God in all his relationships because God is his Father, and he knows it.

Another thought! When we know the difference between the two fathers, can we believe the children of the devil can worship our Father? How many times do we see signs put out for the world to see, by churches of Christ, which read COME WORSHIP WITH US. Why do we invite the world to COME WORSHIP WITH US? The world cannot worship our Father until they become His children, can they?

Are our gatherings the place to bring our friends who are children of the devil to be taught? The purpose of our gatherings is two-fold. We worship our God together and we edify one another. When we bring unbelievers into our gatherings to be taught, are we able to edify ourselves with the meat of God's word, or must we "walk on egg shells" so we won't offend the unbeliever. In reality are we not to teach privately our friends, relatives and neighbors, beginning where they are, spiritually? When they accept the teaching, God adds them to us and THEN they join in our gatherings. Please hear me when I say we do not exclude anyone who wishes to visit our gatherings. That is not the same as bringing them to "church" to relieve us of our personal responsibility, and also of perhaps choking out what spirituality they might have.

An elder's wife became very upset. Her son had married a child of the devil. By her own acknowledgement she, nor her son, nor her husband (who was a recognized elder of God's people) had EVER approached the young lady about becoming a part of the family of God through obedience to Jesus Christ. However, they did take her to "church" so the preacher could convert her. It so happened that on that occasion the meat of the word was used to edify. The young lady wanted nothing more to do with the Church of Christ. How much better it would have been if she had been taught the milk of the word thoroughly and lovingly by those closest to her. Oh, by the way, the preacher was soon sent packing because he wasn't "nice."

Please write to me your thoughts on our relationship to, and with, those in the other family...In Christian Love, Nelta Brock