In the March paper I asked if you would like to learn of other Christians in your area who share a deep concern about the things discussed in The Examiner, who are studying these matters anew in the light of God's word; and who are anxious to meet and study with others of the same spirit (cf. Acts 17:11). The response has been very good. I was seeking to learn of those who would be willing to be "contact persons," those who are willing for me to give their name, address and telephone number so others can contact them. I will not pass out any names without your permission. Many have written who are anxious to serve in this way. If you are willing to do so, please send me the information. Also, send information about the city, for example, where you live, as well as other cities within driving distance.

If you are interested in meeting and studying with other saints, send me your name, address and other information, and I will send you information on how to reach a near-by "contact person," if there is one.

My only role in all of this is to try to properly (and cautiously) get you together (at least make it possible), so you can "assemble" to encourage one another unto love and good works; as well as study together the vital matters discussed in The Examiner in the light of God's word. Somewhat like that recorded in Acts 8. There was the eunuch, an honest seeker and lover of truth; and Philip, who had vital knowledge of the Messiah/Savior. The Holy Spirit put them together and we know the results. Well, I can't do it as the Spirit did it, but I can serve you by helping you find other dedicated saints who share a common bond and who want to assemble with others who are "able also to admonish one another" (Rom. 15:14).

In many places this is being done and it is a source of genuine joy and spiritual growth. This study and association on an individual level is the way to go, grow, and glow! Try it, you'll love it! Some of you may have to drive 25-75 miles to do this, but surely you can do it now and then. It will be worth it and bring a joyous dimension to your spritual life. If you are serious about meeting with others, please let me know and maybe I can help in this way.

But perhaps I should warn you to count the cost. If you start doing this, it may well bring down upon you the wrath and exercise of authority/control of the Board of Lords of your "local church," as well as the vengeance of the Local "Pulpit Minister." It has already happened in several places where this Papal Body has "thrown some people out of the church" and branded them as heretics!! Simply because they were meeting with other saints to study God's word, sing, pray, encourage one another, etc., without permission or because they refused to stop when this dictatorial body ordered them to do so. Merely for meeting with others to study God's word on their own. This Board of Rulers, along with their hired employee, the Pulpit Minister, assert that it is their right to control and approve all of the teaching you receive or do! It must be done under the oversight of this papal body. You must obey or else!

Just remember, I warned you! If you are a servant/slave of men--The Eldership, and you fear their wrath, then you should forget it. Remain a slave of men. Freedom in Christ is not for you. - CAH