Readers Respond

"Thank God for you and the help you are giving some of us who have been blind for so long. Please send a copy of The Simple English Bible. Enclosed is my check for $25. Also please give me names of anyone in this area who is interested in "Freedom in Christ. "--Alabama

"We appreciate the good work. If you have any copies of The Simple English Bible, please send me one. "-- Texas ($50 enclose.)

"I just want to express my feelings concerning the articles that have been written referring to the Institutionalized "Church of Christ." This has bothered me for years...I agree that we should teach only 'The Word,' and not the "Church of Christ"...Enclosed is a check for $50, and I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of The Simple English Bible. Also, you mentioned that you would send a list of Christians meeting in each other's homes to study together. Could I please have a list of these people? Keep up the good work."--Texas

"I'll be glad to serve as a contact person; or if there is one in this area, please let me know..."--Oklahoma

"I am now reading the March issue...I wrote the "Attention Concerned Saints" column. In it you say that if one is willing to be a contact point for mutual concern and study that we (I) may present our names, addresses and telephone numbers. I wish to do that. "-- Texas

"I will gladly serve as a "contact person" in the St. Louis area for those interested in discussing the issues you deal with in The Examiner. My home is in the southwest part of the greater St. Louis area."

"I enjoy The Examiner very much. I am a student of God's word and an elder in the Church, which I cannot find in the Bible. I am teaching others to know Jesus Christ and get away from the institution. I would like to be used as a contact person in this area, or help others in their search of God's word." Iowa

"Please use me as a contact person for others in this area. "--Dayton, Ohio

"I am a Christian and so is my sister... We would like very much that you would let us know where we can locate other Christians in our area who share a deep concern about things discussed in The Examiner. We are studying these matters anew in the light of God's word." - Baltimore, MD

"God bless you and yours for the work. Please inform me or put me in touch with other saints meeting in East Dallas. I live 40 miles east of the city. I am also interested in the get-together of saints in June 88." - Texas

"We enjoy reading The Examiner and would like to know if there are others who are meeting somewhere near us who aren't meeting in established places and may be meeting in homes. We live on the north side of Houston. Also let us know if there are any meeting in homes in the Huntsville (TX) area. "--Houston, TX

"Yes, I am interested in meeting brethren who gather in their homes. "--St. Petersburg, FL

"Yes, Thanks."--They are interested in meeting with others in homes to study God's word. In the Venice/Sarasota, FL area. Any others?--Editor

"I have just read your paper for the first time. It is refreshing to experience the word of God taught so straight-forth without prejudice and simple. Please send copies of your next issues and any older issues you might have." Nevada

"I have come to the realization that my weekly "giving" to the Lord, or should I say "elders," is not scriptural. I would rather know where my money is going and why. The best cause I know of is The Examiner. I hope to be able to contribute quite often. Take care. Love. "--Florida

"I am enclosing a check for $25 for the work of The Examiner. I would appreciate a copy of The Simple English Bible, but the contribution is yours regardless. "--Missouri

"Would you please add my name to your mailing list. I read The Examiner at my mother's. I really did enjoy it. Please send one to...also " - Arkansas

"Here is a list of people I think might like The Examiner. Some are more open than others, but all should like it." - New Mexico

"I just received a copy of your magazine, The Examiner, from a friend. I must admit that I have never read such a challenging magazine from anyone associated with the restoration movement. Some of the positions seem a little extreme, but it will take extreme measures to wake many of us up. I would like to receive The Examiner and have you send it to several others as well." - Pennsylvania

"Please remove my name from your list. I prefer to read the Bible and understand it for myself. I have thrown away all previous issues without even looking at them. "-- Texas

"Please do not send additional issues. Thank you. "--Birmingham, AL

"Take my name off your mailing list. "-- Texas

"Do not send this paper to me. "-- Texas