Hello Ladies,

Do you often meditate on the worth of your child? Psalms tells us that our children are gifts from God. When we add to this the fact that the child is made in His image, we come to the conclusion that there is nothing in life more important than our children. In fact, you could ask almost any mother what the most important thing in her life is and she will reply, "Why, my children, of course

However, let us keep in mind that actions speak louder than words. Many times what we say is what we believe we should say, and not what we feel. Are you puzzled by that sentence? Let us meditate further.

If children are gifts from God, loaned to parents for a little while to be trained for God's army, and if children are their mother's most precious possessions, please tell me why many mothers will leave the care of their children to someone else for many hours a day as they pursue their own interests, some of which are material pursuits. If mothers believe the spirit of a child is everlasting, please tell me why these same mothers will neglect the minute by minute training and teaching of that God-entrusted spirit to someone else who may or may not have righteous values?

As the mother who has given up the guarding of her home and the teaching of her children stands before God can you imagine what she will answer when called to account for that neglect?

The constant mother-care of children is so controversial that many times younger women have stopped speaking to older women who have tried to obey God by teaching them their duty of keeping (guarding) the home. One young couple even changed congregations after hearing a lesson by an "older woman" on the subject.

What kind of a guard is a mother to be, do you ask? Does she stand with a weapon in hand to keep out intruders? Not likely! This serious guarding is done against the devil and his influences.

Please tell me how a mother can guard the minds of her children when she is not around them? Will she hire someone to be her stand-in for the training and teaching of God's gift to her? Will her stand-in then answer to God for the mother? Complexity, complexity!

I never cease to be amazed at complaining parents who find hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on their phone bill from calls made by their children to porno numbers. Where was Mother? The Guard? The Trainer, Teacher?

Do I hear you say, "but we cannot watch our children twenty four hours a day, can we?" No! However, a well-trained and well-taught child can usually be trusted when he is away from Mother for short periods. That is why training and teaching is started early and is constant and consistent in early years. A good foundation is laid early. Such a child usually is NOT an embarrassment to God and parents.

Television has proven many times to be more a curse than a blessing to us. Of course, a serious mother who is intent on following Christ will use the tube carefully. However, what of the absent mother? There is nothing sadder and more pitiful than a child left to his own devices, especially with television. His tender mind is soon turned black because of his hourly diet of sin and degradation consumed daily.

What of companionships? With an unattentive mother what chance has a child in choosing righteous friends?

Of course, I do not write to women of the world. Christ said they cannot discern spiritual things. We are nowhere told in God's word to tell the world to act and live moral. How can they follow the law of God when He is not their Father? The father of the world is Satan, himself, and his children follow him. Our job is not to tell the world to live like our Father, but our job is to bring them to Him, and when they are in Christ they act like Christ.

It is to God's women I write. What do you think, ladies? Do you often meditate on these matters?...In Christian Love, Nelta Brock