Readers Respond

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I really do appreciate the work you are doing with The Examiner. I have been reading it since the second issue. The articles have really gotten my wife and me to re-examine the things we have been taught all these years. We have made some startling discoveries about 'church,' the 'ship of elders,' 'deaconesses,' and especially the 'treasury' or the 'Lord's money,' which is what has prompted me to write this letter.

"Two and a half years ago we adopted a 6-month old orphan..., which was a very expensive undertaking. We will finish paying off the loan in December. We really wanted a brother for him but couldn't figure out how to finance this second adoption until we realized we had the money all along. We had been dumping it into the collection place to run a "corporation" (church institution) to buy heating oil, a computer, toilet paper, etc. All in accordance with a scripture that we had been taking out of context, namely I Cor. 16:2. That collection was taken to help the needy saints in Judea, period! Well, anyway, now we can do something really worthwhile with that money, adopt another child to raise up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We can't think of anything better.

"Praise God for having our eyes opened."

"Please send The Examiner to the following people. If possible, please send the current November issue. " - Oklahoma

"We found your magazine to be interesting and certainly folks need to take a book at your "honest soul searching approach" - especially on our high paid preachers." - Texas

"We read with keen interest your publication. Thank you so much for making it available. Enclosed is a directory.., and some additional names. God bless you in your study and presentation of His Word." -Texas

"Take the above name off your mailing list immediately." Texas

'Please stop sending The Examiner. Please cancel." - Florida

This household feels blessed to be on the mailing list and receiving and reading The Examiner. Please keep up the good work." - Ohio (sent $50 and two names.)

I happened upon an issue of the Examiner quite by accident: my brother mentioned to me that lately he had been receiving a publication and that I might be interested in looking over some of the articles in it. How right he was. Overall, the issue I viewed was extremely interesting, occasionally humorous, and honestly revealing. While I don't wholeheartedly agree with all that was published, I found much within the Examiner that echoes my own sentiments and thought; moreover, some of the articles spurred me to reconsider my line of thinking on a subject or two.

In view of this, I feel that the Examiner is a publication that I would like to receive on a regular basis (and not just when my brother gets the urge to send me a copy). Would you please put me on the mailing list?

By the way, if you just happen to have copies of back issues (September, November 1987), and if it is not too much trouble, I'd appreciate it if you could send them to me. - Texas

"Please place these names on your mailing list, and if possible mail the last two issues - November 87 and January 88. There are some very good articles in both of them. We were especially impressed with the one on giving by Dusty Owens; and "If there are no local Church institutions. "I am also enclosing a contribution. Keep up the good work." -Texas (they sent $100).

"Do not send your hate mail to our home anymore!" - Dallas, Texas

"Please send both volumes of Hailey's Comments. [2) Please put me on your mailing list for The Examiner. (3) Please send back issues as far back as you can. (4) Enclosed is a check for $100... Really enjoy the one issue a friend gave me (Vol. 3, No. 1)." Texas

"I am enjoying The Examiner -There's not another one like it! It's really a thoughtful study of the scriptures really 'digging' down into them." - Florida

"Do not send The Examiner to me!! You remind me of some of the so-called religious TV programs -send me some money and I will send you a book. There is some truth in your publication. I agree that the Church, in some places, is engaged in some things that they should not be. However, I believe your approach is unreasonable, irresponsible, and unscriptural!!! Prov. 6:19, I am glad that God is my judge instead of some of my "so-called" brethren!! In Christian Love." - Lubbock, Texas

"Thank you so much for your example of faith and obedience in this project (The Examiner). I am blessed, strengthened, and encouraged by every issue I receive. May God bless you in your continued efforts to honor Him. Our [the person listed above) prayers are with you in this effort." Nevada

"Thank you for keeping on with your efforts of 'waking the brethren' and shaking them out of their boots of traditions and legalism! May God continue to bless your efforts. Enclosed is a check for $100. We would love to receive Hailey's two books." - Texas

"I can put it off no longer: I am compelled by conscience and a grateful heart to tell you that we place great value on The Examiner's thought-provoking articles and your courage and commitment in bringing to us the awakening articles of many able and loving brothers."

"Of course I do not agree with all that I read in the paper, but I thank my Father for every brother's thoughts and concern for God's people; and for a common desire to find an effective way for disciples everywhere to bring the Good News of Christ to the lost world about us."

Enclosed is a small gift of love and encouragement. We would very much appreciate copies of Hailey's Comments, Vol. I and II."

I am confident you will be hearing from us again telling you of action we are taking to accept our responsibilities and freedom in Christ."

"We pray to God our Father for your continued success and that He will grant fruit to your labor." Washington

"Not many will heed the things you are saying, but they must be said. Keep up the good work." Tennessee (he sent $50).

"I just finished reading your editorial 'Part III The Myth of the Institutional Church' - that someone gave me. If you have copies of Parts I and II, could you please send 3 copies. Many of us are meeting together on Sunday night to study and learn the truth. We would read with interest if you did discuss other benefits and blessings that can come to the saints and their service to the master. Thanks." - Texas

"My wife has been reading the back issues you kindly sent me recently. She and I both think you are doing a great service. You force us into thinking and studying the Bible better for the truth, even though we both spent two years in a Christian College before finishing our degrees elsewhere. At age 50, I thought I was well grounded, but now I see the need to study for the truth not just a justifiable position. "Enclosed is a directory we have marked. Would appreciate you adding them to your mailing list.. Also enclosed is $100..."

"I agree with other readers of your publication who have written to tell you of their appreciation of the bold messages contained in the articles presented in The Examiner.

"The church has been slowly and subtly drifting away from New Testament practices, letting customs become 'doctrine.' Reading The Examiner has made me more seriously study the scriptures in search of truth. In other words - it 'woke me up.'

"I don't agree with you on everything, but thank God, you are speaking out against the 'corporate' church and the vastly overpaid (and under-worked) 'clergy.' The problems of the modern church are really the fault of the membership. We have permitted ourselves to be 'lulled to sleep. "' - Oklahoma

"Please discontinue The Examiner. I do not wish it sent to my address again." - North Carolina

"I'm sending you a list of names. You are doing a wonderful work in the kingdom of God. Enclosed is $50 to help with the work." -Mississippi

"I really enjoy receiving The Examiner, and commend your efforts. Although everything therein is not exactly what I believe, it comes closer than most. The depth of the majority of articles is very helpful, thanks... We have some more friends I would like to have the opportunity to read it, and decide if they would like to receive the paper from now on. " - Texas

"Please add these names to your list... Keep on keepin' on - cause your doing alot of good." - Oklahoma

"I appreciate what you are trying to do. We as 'Christians' need to get back to the simplicity of Jesus' movement and away from the traditions and fancies of men. Keep our eyes and hearts on Jesus and saving the world for God, not being lectured to about the 'church' and going back under the law." Ohio

"Thank you! Excellent publication.'' - Texas