* Thanks! During the last six months readers of The Examiner have sent in hundreds of new names to receive the paper. In the vast majority of cases, the paper is sent to others at the request of a reader who wants to share this opportunity with brothers and sisters in Christ. (I am somewhat amazed at the large number of women who request the paper to be sent to other women! But keep it up.) We are grateful for this concern for others and your gracious help in providing the names and addresses. Please continue to do this! One good way to do it is to send a marked Church Directory. We are anxious to obtain thousands of additional names and addresses of Christians everywhere. Please help us.

* The Prayer Life of Jesus is the name of a 38 page study booklet by Tom Kelton, P.O. Box 152, Pharr, TX 78577. It deals with an important subject. It is well-organized and, if used, will be excellent for private or group study of the subject. It sells for $1.25 per copy postpaid. Order as above.

Welcome To A New Voice. The editor wrote: "One last thought, I really believe that the cause of Christ is in danger of dying out in America. Not because of any outside attack, but because of the increasing trend toward a professional clergy among us and the sectarianizing of Christianity. Sentry at times seems to be the only subscription journal crying out against these trends." - Floyd Chappelear

Let me welcome my young brother to the battle against the two evils mentioned above. Since he is opposed to the "professional clergy" in the Church of Christ Churches, I suppose that he has resigned from his Pulpit Minister, hired (paid) church employee role. It is rather difficult to consistently and effectively oppose what one practices on a continuing basis. (Single subscription to his paper is $2.50 per year; $5.00 for three subscriptions. Address him at 14707 Carlbern Avenue, Centreville, VA 22020).

Consider Carefully. "One has the right to be wrong in a democracy." - Rep. Claude Pepper. Do you agree? Is that also true in our service to Christ? No, not knowingly wrong, which is a sin against God, our conscience, and perhaps others. But to be honestly mistaken, as was Saul of Tarsus, and the Eunuch, is far better than to be dishonest, remaining willfully ignorant of truth. The point is the decision must be yours even if you are honestly mistaken. There is hope for one of the honest and good heart.

Consider Carefully: Entry into a diary: "Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am what is true." - Reader's Digest. Do you agree or disagree? Two principles are involved here it seems. Is one a higher, surer principle than the other? Did Jesus say something about "weightier matters" taking precedence over other matters? "Love covers a multitude of sins." Love expressed in kindness hides some truths (facts) that are better hidden than revealed. Truth can be "bent" because love is kind. But be very careful that you have the right motive, the greater good.

Question: How many churches does Christ have? The Church of Christ (C of C) answer is: "Just one, only one." If it is true that He has only one, then why does the Herald of Truth claim to be supported by Churches of Christ? Now how many churches does Christ have? If there is only one C of C, how do they get churches (plural) out of that one?

Question: Christ is the Head over all things to how many churches? C of C answer: He is the Head over only one church. If so, then who is the head over all these churches of Christ? Of which Church of Christ is Christ the Head?

Is there only one church of Christ or are there many churches of Christ? It can't be both. Something is seriously wrong with all of this deceptive double-talk of the C of C clergy.

The truth is that Christ does not have even one, much less many churches? (See Editorial).