Points To Ponder

Our Corrupt Language - Signs of Apostasy??

* Sex Discrimination? Our Minister/Clergy often speak of "sister" churches. They speak of the "mother" church sometimes. Even of the "parent" church. But never of a "brother" church! Why? I have not yet heard of a "daddy" church or even a "father" church. Is this sex discrimination? Are all these institutional churches in the feminine gender? Would not these masculine terms be as scriptural as a "sister church" or a "mother church"?

* Search Committee: This is a relatively new title introduced in the Church of Christ Church (C of CC) vocabulary. It was borrowed from the other denominations. It is the name for the church group which is in charge of finding a new Pulpit Minister for the local church institution to hire as an employee. The position is vacant since the previous occupant moved on to "greener pastures." The Church is in a state of uncertainty and the whole operation depends upon getting "the right man" for the job as soon as possible. It is the most important decision a church can make. Success or failure, happiness or unhappiness of the members depends upon this key employee being the dynamic mover and shaker, corporate manager that is needed.

The word is put out that there is an opening at this church. The Search Committee may send a notice to several papers and or to the Minister Referral Service (the professional Employment Agency for C of C churches). The word spreads more rapidly by the preachers themselves. They circulate the word that "the work" at such and such church is open. The "work" is the term used to refer to the job opening for a Pulpit Minister at Highfaluting Hill Church. Those who are looking for "greener pastures" or would just like to "find a greater opportunity" will send a resume, experience history, salary needs, picture, and a tape or two of recent sermons to the Search Committee. This committee will then screen the applicants and narrow down the number to the 3-4 "best qualified" for the job.

Then begins the "try-outs" or "preacher parade" as it is sometimes called. This elimination/selection process may go on for months, but finally the Eldership or the Search Committee selects "the chosen one" to be the leader and dynamic force in the functioning of that organization. Upon his shoulders falls the responsibility for the success or failure of that church. It has been an awesome time. When the "match" is made, the employee finally arrives to take over his role and that crippled, disturbed, handicapped church can once more settle down and go on the march to greater times for that church.

It is pathetic to see a "local church" of 300-500 members which can't adequately carry on without the hired professional Pulpit Minister. The pulpit in this day can only be "filled" by a professionally trained Minister, a proper Clergyman. The members are not able "to admonish one another" (Rom. 15:14). The Corporate Board of Officials, the Eldership, can't do the preaching/teaching to the satisfaction of the members and few of them even try. They ought to be able, but most seems to be such spiritual babes and so incompetent as teachers that they have to go outside and hire a professional to be the chief pastor/teacher. They are not elders, pastors, teachers, shepherds. The whole set-up is wrong. It is a shame. May God have mercy upon them.

* "A New Testament Christian'': The preacher is always saying that he wants people "to become a New Testament Christian." What does he mean by that? It implies that there are other kinds of Christians. What other kinds are there? Are there Old Testament Christians? Baptist Church Christians? Presbyterian Church Christians? What kind of Christian is a "New Testament Christian?" What kind of Christian is not a "New Testament Christian?" The word "Christian" takes a lot of abuse and misuse from preachers of all kinds as well as the people in the pews.

* "New Testament Christianity": What is that? Just what is "Christianity"? It is a frequently used word, on the tongue and pen of nearly all preachers/clergy. It is a word used to cover all churches and religions that claim any connection with Jesus Christ. The Methodist Church is a part of Christianity, so they claim. So is the Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church, Church of Christ Church and the Independent Christian Church.

The word is not in the scriptures nor is its equivalent there. The idea it conveys is contrary to God's word. Why do we use these corrupt, misleading words? Our speech betrays us for the denomination that we are! - W. W. Wow.