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Examine Everything Carefully. "Read the news while wearing a good pair of skepticals" - Reader's Digest. Good advice for the readers of this paper. Not as a skeptic who has a closed mind and rejects without honest examination everything contrary to his views; but as an honest skeptic who is willing to examine everything carefully in the light of God's word; and holding fast only that which is good -- that which is true and right. That is all we ask of you - the reader.

He Was Right. "In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place." - Mohandas K. Gandhi.

Freedom To Speak. "We must protect the right of our opponents to speak because we must hear what they have to say." - Walter Lippman. And they could be right and from them we can learn, especially from honest, honorable opponents.

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Very Encouraging. More and more preachers are responding to what is offered in this paper. I mean in a favorable way. Some have called. Some have written. A few even write for the paper on occasion. Some have spoken to me personally. There are a number of preachers who know and admit that we are calling things pretty much as they really are. Especially relative to the assumed power and control of the Elder-ship/Lordship, the local corporate church institution, and even the clergy system within the Church of Christ Churches and Independent Christian Churches. Some preachers are struggling with their own conscience, trying to determine what they should do, how they can help turn things back to the simple way of the Lord. Thank God for this. They realize that C of C Churches are becoming more and more a denomination, but wonder how they can help without being "persecuted" (fired) or driven out of all contact with the people they love and want to help. The clergy system of each faction has its own "Gestopo" that is a powerful force against any preacher who dares to question the party or the party doctrine. Not too long ago one very able preacher wrote to tell me that he had "emptied" one pulpit; he had resigned as a Pulpit Minister employee of the corporate church and had gone to work to earn his living in a legitimate fashion. He will, of course, continue to teach/preach when and where he can. But he is a free man in Christ and no man, clergy system, or Church or ruling Lordship can tell him what he can or cannot teach/preach or do in the service of Christ. Out of slavery into freedom.

I can empathize with our clergy. I offer only one thought. If a brother (a people) is going down in the quicksand of institutional religion, it would be of no value for you to jump in or stay in with them to rescue them. You need to be on solid footing in order to help. "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand." James warned teachers that "as such we shall incur a stricter judgment." That is a serious statement that should deeply concern every preacher. Judgment day is coming!

Pornography is not a victimless crime. It hurts. It destroys It kills. Physically and spiritually. And our silence in the face of this crime is a sin against God and man." - Donald Wildmon, NFD Journal.