Hugo McCord's Translation of the NT

In the Gospel Advocate (12/17/87), E. Claude Gardner, President of Freed-Hardeman College, makes the announcement of this new translation. Published by the Gospel Advocate Company, it should be available by the time this is read. Gardner tell us that it

" welcomed because it is a rendering of the NT by Hugo McCord who is a renowned and meticulous scholar and preacher of the gospel.

"McCord...has become one of the leading and ripest scholars in the nation...

"The apex of his scholarly contributions is his translation...Because of his superior linguistic ability and commitment to the truth, he has prepared a translation that can be accepted with confidence by all. McCord has sought diligently to give an accurate translation of the inspired Word of God in an easily understood modern-day English."

Gardner says that rather than "baptize'' the original is properly translated by "immerse." He also states:

"The word 'church' is eliminated and instead McCord translates ekklesia as 'called out people' and 'congregation.' Instead of using 'repent', he translates the original word as 'change the heart.' McCord eliminates 'begotten' in John 3:16 and other verses, and he used 'unique.' Detailed information on these changes and others are given in the appendix..."

We can look forward to this translation for our study. It is interesting to note that in McCord's translation the word "church" will not appear. We should all thank God for his integrity and scholarship in this regard. As has been repeatedly pointed out in this paper, the English word "church" should not be in the New Covenant Scriptures. There is no "church" there!

Isn't it interesting that this new translation by a brother in Christ, so strongly recommended by the president of a conservative C of C Church college, is appearing on the scene just at this time? Right now when The Examiner has been trying to inform the saints that the English word "church" should not be in the Scriptures? Here comes another honest, scholarly brother who correctly renders the Greek word, thus eliminating the word "church" with all its ecclesiastical, institutional character falling away as unscriptural.

This is not the only translation by one of our brethren who dropped out the deceptive, unscriptural word "church" from a translation. Alexander Campbell was the first to do so in the translation he had made by the three most highly qualified Bible and language scholars of his day. In recent years, Stanley Morris and some other brethren, with assistance from some language scholars, have given us The Simple English Bible (New Testament). This translation does not have the words "deacon" (rather, "servants''), "baptism" (instead, "immerse'') or "church" (but uses "congregation" or "community"). There are other translations by scholars from denominational backgrounds who have done the same. The Simple English Bible is available in hard binding and good print. You should have a copy.

These new translations by our own brethren certainly strengthen the truth we have been proclaiming that there is no "church" in the Scriptures! The institutional "Church" is from the wisdom and will of men, not from God. Open the eyes of your understanding, my brethren! It's time we all should take a serious look at the denominational Church status of the Church of Christ Churches and the Independent Christian Church Churches. Each one, or all Churches of each one (however it must be stated to cover the situation), is a fully established denomination, lacking in no essential piece or part to deserve that classification!

Do you try to lead others out of a denomination and into your denomination? Do you try to tell them that their denomination ("church") is wrong, but yours is right? Is the Church of Christ Church denomination the one true, sound denomination of the Lord Jesus Christ? Does Jesus have a denomination? Did He start one? Of course not. Then why are you in one? No one can become a member of any denomination, whatever its name, by obeying the Lord Jesus Christ. Upon proper response to the gospel of Christ (Acts 2:38) one becomes a disciple (Matt. 28:19) and a Christian (Acts 11:26). None of them ever joined a Church of any kind. There are no "Church members" to be found in the Scriptures! No Baptist Church members, no Methodist Church members, no Church of Christ Church members, and no Independent Christian Church Church members!

Search the Scriptures for yourself. Examine everything carefully. Your eternal destiny is at sake. - CAH.