The Pulpit Priest

You are familiar with the relatively new Church functionary in Church of Christ Churches called "The Pulpit Minister." Sometimes he is called "The Minister of the Church;" that is, he belongs to the Church institution that hired and pays him for services rendered. Every Church has to employ at least one of these professions, usually at a high salary and with a good "compensation package." You know, just like the other denominations do it. What they have, C of C Churches must have also.

Does your local Church organization; the one to which you belong, have an employee called "The Pulpit Priest" or "The Local Priest" or "The Priest of the Church"? No? Why not? You can read of this hired employee of the corporate Church in the same passages that tell about the employee referred to above- "The Pulpit Minister." These verses are always found right after the verses that set forth the "explicit pattern," the total blueprint for "the local Church" organization!

How would you like it if everyone started calling these professional preachers by the title of "Pulpit Priest" or "the local Priest" or "our priest"?

Ask your Pulpit Minister about this: If he can be employed to be your Minister, and called by that religious title, why can't he be hired to be your priest and be called by that title? Press him for an answer. Also ask the Elder-ship about this and request that they explain from God's word the justification for hiring the Pulpit Minister and the wrong (if indeed they should think it is wrong!) of the other. Insist that they give book, chapter and verse authorization for hiring an employee called "The Pulpit Minister" or even an employee called "the local preacher."

Are you ready for the Pulpit or Church Priest?

All Christians are ministers (servants) of the Lord, not some Church institution; and there are no distinctions or ranking among them based upon a position or office held. If you are a Christian you are to be as much a minister/servant as anyone else.

All Christians are priests -- part of "a royal priesthood" (1 Pet. 2:9). Jesus is our High Priest. All disciples are priests and all have and can perform the same priesthood functions and responsibilities.

If we can exalt a class of professionals to the level of a hired Pulpit Minister, why can't we exalt the same class of employees to the level of a hired Pulpit Priest?

Does your local Church have a Pulpit Priest? If not, why not? You can read of both church positions in the same passage of scripture. Do you ask, "Where is that?" Simple: Nowhere! One final word: If you don't go for the "Pulpit Priest," maybe you would go for having "The Pulpit Saint" or "The Pulpit Disciple."

Let us pray fervently that God will open the eyes of our understanding so we can see the apostacy, the falling away, that has come upon His people. Let us also pray for the faith and courage to leave the ways of men and return to our God who will have mercy and abundantly pardon us if we repent and convert our lives and service in His name. God bless you, my brother and sister. -- CAH.