Get Their Attention

Stop Paying The Bills!!

One of these days the lowly, disenfranchised members of the local Church institution are going to wake up and stop their role as payers for any and all financial obligations the corporate Board of Directors -- The Eldership -- binds upon them! This is part of the evil of the institutional Church religion. This body of Lords holds its secret meetings and makes all the decisions about what the corporate Church will do. They make obligations and set up a budget that calls for $6000 per week, for example. You - the payee - are thereby obligated to help foot the bill and "meet the budget" demands. You are to "obey the Elders" and to obey that ruling body of Church officials is the very same thing as obeying Christ Himself, so the Pulpit Ministers, the clergy, tell you. The same claim the Roman Catholic Church makes.

Your responsibility is to (1) obey and (2) pay! That is now taught as if it is a requirement of the Lord. But it is not true. Nowhere in Scriptures are you taught to make an each-Sunday contribution, "giving as you have prospered,'' into the corporate treasury of a Church institution. But it is now proclaimed by the clergy to be one of the so-called "five acts of worship service." It is an absolute "must" each first day of the week. It is a deception, a law of men, a human tradition. The whole set-up is from men, borrowed from the other denominations as the main method of financing the operation of the local Church institution. Study it for yourself - if you really want to know.

In all of this you are not consulted in any way; you have no voice or vote in making these financial obligations. (Is that taxation without representation?) It is really none of your business and yet you submit to this! Often when "praying over the contribution plate" some good brother will pray that the Elders will make good decisions in the use of the money. The lowly members are separated from all participation in decisions about anything the corporate Church institution does.

Are you fed up with this Church system that has grown up during the last 40-50 years? You should be and I can tell you that a growing number of the saints out there are sick and tired of it; and sooner or later they are going to react as they should.

You - the members - have a powerful tool to change all of this, if you have the courage and faith to do it. Stop Paying The Bills! Stop being intimidated by the clergy and Church Board that you must "give" into the Church treasury (it isn't the Lord's treasury!) as "another act of worship." You did not make the obligations, so why should you pay them? Take your money and decide for yourself what you will do with it to help the needy and preach the gospel to the lost; or for some other good work. Stand on your own feet for once. Cut loose and be free in Christ.

Send the message to the local Lords that you are fed up with spending increasingly large sums of money for buildings, kindergartens, Family Life Centers, and recreation places. Get the message across that you are not going to help pay for more and more professional staff (clergymen). Shut down your part of the funding for all these expensive, non-essential, worldly, even spiritually detrimental things they are doing.

You control your money! In organizational religion - Churches, money talks loud and clear. These institutions can't operate without it. It is power! It calls the shots! The clergy will pay attention - real quickly! So will the Church Lords/Rulers when they begin to see that they will be stuck with paying for all these obligations they make on their own authority.

Money greases the wheels of the Church organization. You provide the "grease." Why do you do it? It is not authorized by the Lord nor is it any part of the worship of our Father.

Open the eyes of your understanding, my brethren. Stop funding a denomination and its activities. As the Lord's steward, as His servant, accept your individual responsibility and do His will, the things He has prescribed for you. Make your own decisions about what you will financially support just as each disciple did in Acts 11:29-30.

God bless you with knowledge, faith and courage to do His will in all things. - CAH.