A Look I Peter 5:2 & 3

Peter exhorted the elders to "Feed the flock of God...taking the oversight." HOW???



by constraint - a person shouldn't be forced, pushed or pressured into this position.


for filthy lucre - a person shouldn't become an elder in order to get financial gain.

of a ready mind

as lords over - a person must not rule over or have authority over someone else.

as examples

Those who say elders have authority to rule over the saints (as long as they don't get abusive -- too authoritative) would also have to admit that they can be elders for personal gain (as long as they don't gain too much) and that they can be pressured into the position (as long as they aren't pressured too hard). Brethren, let's follow the pattern:

Elders feed and oversee WILLINGLY, FREELY and by their EXAMPLE.

- Don Woodard