Happy New Year! Our prayer is for God's blessings upon each of you for 1988, along with the acceptance of His guidance through His word. The assurance of real joy for the new year is to seek His will and do it. "Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man."

The Answer is the name of a small, new paper edited by Bob West. It "is published ever so often by a few concerned Christians," to quote from the paper. Subscription is free, "yours for the asking." The main thrust of the paper is to deal with the increasing threat of "secular humanism" in all its forms, both in and out of the ekklesia of God. Three issues have been printed. It is worthy of your study. Bob is an able writer and teacher. Address: P.O. Box 1710, Brevard, NC 28712.

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An Observation. It has been observed that the average church member has heard 4,000 sermons, 8,000 congregational prayers, 20,000 public songs, and saved 0 sinners! -- Charles Hodge

That pretty well describes the situation. Seeking the lost is something the members only sing about as they sit on comfortable pews in their nice, commodious church building at the appointed times to go through the religious rituals -- Church of Christ traditions. Today's Church turns perhaps 95% of its effort, time, interest, and money upon themselves. The lost can just go on to hell. Who really cares? It has been a long time since I have heard of a church with a "personal work" program of reaching the lost. Little to nothing is being done along this line it appears. Church members generally are too much in love with the things of this world, material evidences of the good life, and they like to see evidences of all this in their religion. Hence, bigger, more elaborate church buildings, Sunday School facilities, Family Life Centers, recreation places, hiring more and more professional staff, Pulpit Minister, Youth Minister, Hospital Minister, Music Minister -- imagine a large group of saints hiring someone, putting this person on the payroll of the corporate church, to merely lead the public singing! It is a reflection upon everyone. The saints who care should examine what the real or underlying reason is for this, as well as the need for other hired professionals! It is all for themselves while practically nothing is done to preach the gospel to the lost world.

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