'Blessing of Pets'


Pet owners were urged to bring their favorite dog, cat, hamster or even spider to Christ the King Catholic Church in Jackson (MS) to participate in the "blessing of pets" on Sunday. The "Father" was to perform this special service in commemoration of the Feast of St. Francis, one of the more popular Roman Catholic "saints." You can find authorization from God for this "special blessing of pets" in the same verse of Scripture that tells about the "Holy Father, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church!" In this man-made religion they may as well do whatever appeals to men. That joint religious institution is a direct result of the will and wisdom of men. Yet millions and millions have been deceived by it all and kept from God and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. How tragic! It stands as the supreme example of organized, institutional religion. Every denomination stands as a small, cheap imitation of "the real thing," the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Christ Church is following right along! Wake up, my brethren, before it is too late. The Christian Church (Disciples and the Independents) are even further ahead it appears. Once more let me put it plainly: I challenge the clergy of either group to present one essential requirement to be a denomination that is lacking in the Church of Christ (all sects of it!) and/or the Independent Christian Church Church. Name it -- prove it!