Baptist Group Expels Church

An association of 120 Southern Baptist churches has expelled a Memphis congregation for hiring a female pastor! Such action is considered to be "doctrinally unsound" by Southern Baptist Churches. The "reasoning" given was that women cannot have authority over men, according to "the Rev. Nancy Hastings Sehested, the newly appointed pastor..." The "400 delegates to an annual meeting of the Shelby (County) Baptist Association expel" that church from the group. "The expulsion is part of a continuing and often bitter debate within the Southern Baptist Convention over the role of women in the ministry. Mrs. Sehested, 36, one of four women nationwide at the head of churches within the denomination....We are being set up as an example for the whole SBC to show what can happen to a church that doesn't follow the party line," a Mrs. Dawson stated.

In spite of the SBC's expulsion of the church, "the church issued a statement saying Mrs. Sehested will remain as the congregation's leader." The statement further claims: "We are absolutely convinced that God has led Nancy Sehested to us, and we rejoice that she has accepted our call." Note the concept expressed that "God has led" the woman pastor to that very church! How can anyone fight against what God has done? God gets "credit" for many things that He has no part or lot in at all. In the first place, God has no part or lot in the operations of Baptist Churches or the Southern Baptist Convention! Neither the denomination or the Convention is from Him; it is all from man! The Lord has never instructed anyone to become a Baptist; and no one has ever become a Baptist by obeying the teaching of Jesus Christ! The disciples of Jesus were Christians, not Baptists - nor were they members of a Church of Christ Church denomination! - CAH.