November 1987    "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." Vol. 2, No. 6
1 Thess. 5:21

Roger R. Chambers

Observations and Analyses

Charles Holt

The Myth of The "CHURCH" of the Bible

Minister and Church Referral Service

Part II: Results - If There Is No Church Institution

A Report - A Great Time in the Lord

The Officers Of The Church

The Last Word

Dusty Owens

Lay By Him In Store

Answering The Mail

James E. Finley

The Church of Christ Language

F. B. Srygley

What is Truth? - Is Truth Worth Fighting For?

Gaylon Embrey

A New Church Agency

Frances Williams

Looking For Mr. Goodchurch (Part II)

Ezra, The Scribe

Was Alexander Campbell's Baptism Invalid?


Our Speech Betrayeth Us - GOSPEL

Edward Fudge

Neither Legalist Nor Liberal

The Banner of Truth

On Preaching in Love

B. B. Bigger

Pulpit Minister Seeks Employment


Child's Play