Pulpit Minister
Seeks Employment

Editor's Note: Recently I "discovered" a copy of a letter written by a Pulpit Minister who wants to move to another place of employment. It seems this letter has circulated to some interested churches which are seeking to employ a Pulpit Minister. The letter speaks for itself. - CAH.

Position Wanted:

Successful Pulpit Minister/Church Growth Specialist seeks employment by aggressive, on-the-march Church. Age 35. Two children (no more planned). 15 years experience. Masters degree in Divinity. Just completed a Doctorate in Ministry. Former associate in the Center for Church Growth in Houston. Experienced in all techniques and methods of managing a Church for greater growth. Emphasize the positive approach. Conduct workshops dealing with winning friends and influencing people, positive mental attitude, motivation, and related subjects of great value to all. Not a liberal or an anti; but a true middle-of-the-road minister. Work smoothly with all ages. Salary required: No less than $80,000, plus a liberal compensation package. Complete resume, pictures, and cassette tape of two dynamic sermons furnished upon request. Write: B.B. Bigger, Box 666, Large City, TX 77777.

Additional information: I also operate a successful business in the food supplement area (my wife is the manager). Also, I have a franchise in the motivation for success area that does well and affords a great opportunity for making contacts who are also prospects for the Church of Christ. I also am involved in an insurance operation; the kind that has brought money and success opportunities for other Ministers all over the country. I have also developed and now market the highly successful New Dimensional Graded Sunday School Literature: as well as a special program called "Rigs and Jigs for Bible Learning." Both programs are selling well and are helping revolutionize Bible study. I have just completed packaging a Learn the Bible While You Sleep program. Churches are already calling for it. Orders have come from Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches already. I mention these matters only to demonstrate my total commitment to the Lord Jesus.

It is in order that I mention also that I am recognized as a very capable golfer. I play 18 holes at least twice a week (I own my own electric golf cart!) and in tournaments as I can. (I have a trophy chest nearly full.) This provides a good way to meet people I can lead to the Church of Christ. More and more it is being recognized that a Minister who is not an avid golfer is failing to utilize a great opportunity to serve the Lord. I have strongly urged that ACU add on an intensive 2-year golf training program for all Minister-trainees who are in the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry programs at our great Church of Christ Seminary, the Center for Biblical Studies. This could put an extra, finishing polish on them before they go out into the hardships of the Ministry. Perhaps the Seminary could secure Brother Myron Belson as the golf professional and instructor. With a staff of 10-12 he could render a great service to the Church of Christ and we would be the first to provide professional golfing training for our dedicated Masters of Divinity and Doctors of Ministry, our great theologians and scholars.

I regret that such golf training was not offered while I was there. Can you imagine how impressive it would be for the Church of Christ to send out theologians and scholars who are near-professionals in the great game of golf? The world as well as the other denominations would sit up and take notice of the Church of Christ. Perhaps our Seminary could field a team called the "Golfing Theologians" and challenge other Seminaries for tournaments. This would certainly encourage fellowship and a better relationship with the clergy of the other denominations. There is no way to imagine where this could lead nor the glory and recognition it would bring to the Church of Christ and our great Seminary.

I hate to acknowledge this, but I understand that the "Anti" Church of Christ Ministers in Texas have an annual "Preachers Golf Tournament" in East Texas. For three or four days they gather for the tournament and fellowship. (I am ashamed that we let them get ahead of us in this matter!) Only their clergymen are allowed to play and they screen them to ensure that only what they call the "faithful, loyal preachers" of the Anti Church of Christ are allowed to play. Maybe our "Golfing Theologians" team could challenge them for a tournament. They can't open up their Anti-tournament to us and play ' with" us, but maybe they would be willing to continue their "against" us stance on the golf course. Who knows what togetherness, love and fellowship could result from this. In fact, I am trying now to put together a plan by which the Church of Christ, under the direction of our great Seminary, can use the game of golf as a means of reaching the world to convert them to the Church of Christ.

As you can see, I need some large church, with a forward-looking, on-the-march Eldership to hold up my hands and support me while I do the work of the Lord at such great sacrifice.

If you are interested, let me hear from you soon. Pulpit Ministers with my background, training and innovative ideas for Church Growth do not come in droves. "Many are called but few are chosen."

One final word: The Church of Christ that employs me will be able to purchase the "New Dimensional Graded Sunday School Literature" program and the "Rigs and Jigs for Bible Learning" at wholesale prices. In addition, members at my Church will be able to buy at wholesale the great program - "Learn the Bible While You Sleep"

Write or call soon. - B.B. Bigger.