Minister and Church Referral Service

Did you know that the Church of Christ Church has such a service in operation? It is an employment agency designed to help churches find employees (Ministers of one sort or another) and help Ministers find employment with a Church. The Referral Service publishes two lists each month. One list gives names and addresses of "Ministers Seeking Employment." The other is a list of "Churches Seeking Ministers" to employ! Each list costs $35.00. "Ministers and Churches may be listed free of charge. The purpose is the same as in the business world, to help the employer ("the local church" organization) find a desirable, qualified Minister employee; someone to "minister" to the Church in some fashion. And to help the professional Minister, of whatever kind, find a job of employment.

Ministers/preachers, like it or not, deny it if you will, but the modern Minister is an employee of the Church. He works for the Church. He is hired by a Church, through its corporate officials, to do what the organization prescribes that he is to do. The Eldership/Rulership/Lordship (all three terms equally apply!) is "the Boss" which must be pleased by the hired employee. And, to use an old saying, "the one who pays the fiddler calls the tune." Many churches now provide a job description for the various Minister positions, which is just good business. In the employment process the seeking Minister is usually required to send a resume, picture, and a tape of two recent sermons for review.

The sad thing is that many deceived people think this is the Lord's arrangment! Nothing about it is from the Lord. The Church of Christ Church (denomination) is following the other older denominations in all of this. And the end is not yet. It will get worse.

I feel empathy and sorry for these men who are caught up in this clergy system, our hired professional Ministers. They are entrapped and in bondage. Their livelihood is at stake. They must have a Minister job with some Church to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families. They are under pressure. They must go along with the system even as the yoke tightens around their neck. They want to please the Lord and do His will, but they are dependent upon and controlled by the clergy system and the Church that has hired them. They are not free men! How sad! My prayer is that they may fully recognize their bondage and have the courage to free themselves from it. I understand where they are.

Oh, if they could be free to do the work of a preacher we might make some progress in reaching the lost of the world for Christ. Preachers, my brethren, there is an accounting day coming - CAH.