Two Years of Publication. It doesn't seem possible, but with this issue of The Examiner we bring to a close two years of publication. The time has passed so rapidly. We are grateful that God has provided the means and the people to send this paper to thousands of saints all over the United States and into other countries. We are indebted to many of you who have made this possible by your words of encouragement, your financial help, and by sending in thousands of names/addresses of Christians to whom the paper has been sent. It is a work of faith and a labor of love. Thanks. We look forward to 1988 -and beyond. We need your help.

Are You Back On The Mailing List? Is this your second time around to receive this paper? Welcome again! It is likely that this is true of some. You received it once and did not request it to continue, but you are back with us. This tells you that more than one person cares enough to send your name for the trial period. We can't keep up with this. So if someone else requests it for you we will add you to the list again. We are not trying to force the paper upon you. If you know you can't benefit from reading The Examiner and don't want it, just throw it away. It will cease coming even for a second time around.

More Than Three Issues. Some of you may receive more than three issues before you are dropped from the mailing list; but it will eventually stop if you do not send the card requesting it to continue. It is often less trouble to us to send more issues than to remove names before each issue goes out. In addition we hate to drop anyone from the list, but hundreds have been removed during the two years.

You Can Help Us. We need the names and addresses of as many Christians as possible. The purpose is to send The Examiner to each one (family) for the trial period. This allows them to "sample" it and determine if they want to continue to receive it for study. Please help us in whatever way you can to obtain these names. Send a list of relatives and friends. Send Church directories or copies of mailing lists. Do not pre-judge them to determine if they are receptive or not, if they like it or not. Let each one make his/her own decision after receiving it. Some won't, but some will. The choice should be theirs.

We Can Count On The Women. It is amazing how many women are on our mailing list and equally how many women send the names of other women. Of course, they do send the names of men also, but they remember other good women. The), often send a Church directory. Please help us; we need the names and they need The Examiner.

THINK. Some people think they are thinking when all they are doing is simply rearranging their prejudices.

In the light of the above, I learned years ago that, generally speaking, (1) if you make people think that they are thinking, they will love you; but (2) if you really cause them to think they will hate you. Often true. How sad. As one has put it, there is no end to which some people will go to avoid the labor of thinking. Prejudice rules out honest, objective evaluation and is still the lock on the door of a closed mind.

Consider: But one sin is self-destructive, namely, the sin of finding public reasons for doing what one knows privately to be wrong. Ask Pilate. Or Judas. (Professional preachers should seriously consider this fact.)

Psychologists say it is bad to be an orphan, terrible to be an only child, damaging to be the youngest, crushing to be in the middle, taxing to be the eldest. Obviously, the only way out of all this misery is to be born an adult.

Friends are rare creations, so we should select with care and understanding, and then stick to them through thick and thin to the very end.