The South African police are offering awards of Rand 1000 for information leading to the conviction of people involved in "necklace" killings. If you can stomach it, here is a description of how the "necklace" murders are done. First, the victim's hands are either chopped off or tied behind his back with barbed wire. A tire is hung around his shoulders and filled with petrol or diesel oil, diesel being preferred as it clings to the skin. The fuel is lit with a match. (Thus a matchbox is often used to intimidate and frighten people of Black townships to get them to support the ANC.) The burning tire releases thick smoke, mainly from carbon hydrogen which can reach temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius, destroying the tissue in the throat and lungs. Finally the tire melts and drips down the upper part of the body, gradually burning deeper into the flesh. Once this has happened, it cannot be removed and the fire cannot be extinguished. It can take up to 20 minutes before the victim dies, sometimes with family forced to watch, while his murderers laugh and celebrate his death. Many of the victims of "necklace" murders are Christians. The ANC has publicly (over Marxist radio in Ethiopia) called for the murder of blacks who do not cooperate in their effort to "make the country ungovernable" so the communists can take over. These men who burn people alive are the ones Senator Ted Kennedy and other liberals in the Senate and House are supporting as they seek to destroy the reformist South African government. - The Witness.


In the Laghman Valley in eastern Afghanistan, nearly 800 people were slaughtered, from pregnant women and newborns to the aged - shot, burned alive, hanged, bayoneted, tortured or beaten to death, killed with grenades, decapitated, mutilated. A CBS television producer was told by an Afghan how the Russians held a child over a fire while they asked questions about the mojahedin. In the Poli Charki concentration camp, six miles east of Kabul, 27,000 people were executed. All citizens of one village were tied up with gasoline poured over them, then burned alive. The butchery has gone on for 8 years until 35 percent of the population is either in exile or dead. Why doesn't the press and TV report on this holocaust? Why no sanctions against Russia? (Information from National Review 10/85) - The Witness.


If immigration into the U.S. continues at the present annual average of about 1.5 million per year, the white non-Hispanic group will become a minority by the year 2060. It will happen much sooner in Texas, New York and Florida. In California the shift away from a white majority may occur well before the end of this century. Already Hispanic publications, such as the Chicano Manifesto call for an independent mestizo nation called Aztlan, which would take in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Sociologists studying the condition say that "A widespread Hispanic desire for either independence or reunification (with Mexico) could create a challenge comparable to the Southern secession crisis that led to the Civil War." (You may want to write to the American Immigration Control Foundation, P.O. Box 525, Monterey, VA 24465 and ask for "Sociology and Immigration: The Grim Forecast for America.") - The Witness