September 1987   "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." Vol. 2, No. 5

1 Thess. 5:21

Gaylon Embrey

The Age Of Specialization

Charles Holt

An Apology

The Way I See It

To The People In The Pews

Adultery - Unfaithfully Yours

What We Need

Gay and Lesbian Members of The Church of Christ

A Matter of Serious Concern

The Last Word

Charles Geiser

A Logician's Songbook

A Reader In South Carolina

Letter From A Reader

James Finley

Vex The Midianites

His Body

John N. Clayton

Aids - Of Sin Or Of God

Atlen McDonald

Behold: The Famine In The Land

David Powell

Good Grief

Norman L. Parks

Letter From An Elder Statesman

Dusty Owens

Answering The Mail

Samuel O. Serious

Letter To The Editor

Frances Williams

Looking For Mr. Goodchurch (Part I)

The Witness

The World Scene

Adel Phossou

Deaconesses In The Church?

James O. Baird

Preachers May Have Roles Confused

Norm Petersen

Don't Blame The Kids

Charles Cook

The White Lies of India


Child's Play

Richard DeCiucies

Are We Spiritual Or Carnal?

James Linn

Let Us Walk Together

Stanley W. Paher

Fractured Churches


Paul Did Not Legislate His Opinions

Mack Kercheville

Excerpts From The Creed of the 20th Century "Church of Christer"