Charles Geiser

Some writers in recent material are suggesting that in a few places among God's people logic or the science of reasoning has become in some sense an idol or god. The exaltation of the capacity of the human mind to reason soundly and legitimately has always entertained men, back to the Greeks and Romans and no doubt before. We have read of a few philosophers in history who revered their own mental accomplishments so highly that it indeed did appear that their great ability to reason was in some sense the god of their life. If there is any among us who do this, we pray that they can come down from this Budda of logic and be with us again. But if that would not be the case, then we gathered some thoughts and glanced through one of the latest excellent hymnals that we have in the Lord's church and thought of some changes that could be made for those who maybe have come to put a premise above that which is written in the Word.

For example, there is the song for serious personal contemplation "What Will You Do With Jesus?" which could in certain places be titled: "What Will You Do With This Major Premise?" The old standard we have sung for years, "The Old Rugged Cross," might become for a few mental giants "The Old Rugged Argument.'' Then we also have exalted the Lord with "Crown Him With Many Crowns" but could be singing "Debate Him With Many Debates." Our hope of heaven is found often in singing "No Disappointment in Heaven," but there might be some sons of God looking up "No Disappointment in a Valid Conclusion.''

For us to make melody in our hearts to "None of Self and All of Thee" concerning our sacrifice to Christ could become "None of These Fallacies and All of Validity." We have sung so often "Nothing But The Blood," but it could be titled "Nothing But a Good Distribution of Terms." "O How I love Logic" could replace "O How I love Jesus," and "No Tears in Heaven" rearranged may become "No Tears in Rules of Inference." "O Happy Day" in another hymnal might be "O Happy Implication" and "Lead On, O King Eternal" is altered to become "Lead On, O King Syllogism." We love to choral "O Listen To The Wondrous Story" but the way a few might list it, we would read "O Listen To The Wondrous Relevance."

Instead of "O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee;" the reasonable mind might consider "O Method, Let Me Walk With Thee." "O They Tell Me of a Home" would fit better mentally as "O They Tell Me of a Law of Identity." We make a joyful noise in "One Blessed Hour With Jesus," but it might be at another time "One Blessed Hour With Flew or Ayer" "Onward Christian Logician" is not as intimidating as we might think in the right place as compared to "Onward Christian Soldiers." And there are so many that the reader can correct for himself, such as:

(1) "Praise The Middle Term! Praise The Middle Term!"

(2) "Logical in Heart, O God"

(3) "Rescue the Illogical"

(4) "Rock of Reasoning"

(5) "Ring Out The Rules of Logic"

(6) "Hallelujah! What An Argument!''

(7) "Ring Out! Salvation Is Conditional!''

(8) "Safe In The Arms of a Sorite Form"

(9) "Introduction to Logic Has Been Brought Down"

(10) "Shall I Crucify All Invalid Arguments"

(11) "Syllogism, Like a Shepherd Lead Us"

(12) "Sing On, Ye Joyful Debaters"

(13) "Send The Logic Teacher"

(14) "Shall We Gather at The Logician's Feet?"

(15) "Sing and Be Reasonable"

(16) "Majestic Laws of Thought"

(17) "Sing To Me of PvQ"

(18) "My Hope Is Built On Rationality"

(19) "Am I a Soldier of Propositions?"

(20) "Stand Up, Stand Up For Validity"

(21) "Sweet Hour of Negotiations"

(22) "Standing On The Premises" and last but not least,

(24) "Open My Eyes, That I May See The Error of Petitio Principii."

This all may be humorous or maybe would be if it were not also so frightening to consider. Our songbooks could read one way and we might be thinking like the above. God once said that His thoughts and ways are not our thoughts and ways, that as the heavens are higher than the earth, so were His thoughts and ways higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8, 9). Paul also one time wrote a few sobering words by the Spirit: "And if any man think that he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know" (I Corinthians 8:2). And we should not leave off the next verse: "BUT IF ANY MAN LOVE GOD, THE SAME IS KNOWN OF HIM." Logic or love? Sacrifice or syllogism? Proposition or propitiation? Atonement or analogy? God did not send laws of thought, He sent His only-begotten Son. He did not send a premise, He sent a person. We fall in love with Him, not with the synapses of our brain cells. Yes, God's Word is reasonable and logical, but its logic is not to be served, but the One in heaven that the rationality of the Divine has revealed to us is the One to be served. Let us not bow consciously or unconsciously to a logician, but let us bow our lives to the Almighty Father and His Son Jesus the Christ.