Is not a faithful church, but a faithful saint. It is not faithfulness to the church, but faithfulness to the Lord. Do we serve the Lord or the Church? Do you belong to Christ or belong to the Church?

Is not the proclamation of "the Church of Christ Church" to the world for salvation, but the preaching of Jesus alone as the Savior of the world. The Church is not the Savior and the Church does not save anyone.

Is not obedience to the Eldership or the Pulpit Minister or "the local church" organization, but obedience to Jesus who is the source of eternal salvation to all those who obey Him (Heb. 5:9).

Salvation is not found in the church but in the Christ. Jesus came to seek and to save the host; the Church cannot save anyone.

The apostles and early disciples never preached "the Church" to anyone. They never started or established a Church. They did not build a church, join a church, or hold membership in a church. They were the church - the ecclesia of God, His people. The Lord's ecclesia (church) is His people! Nothing else, period!

Today we are a Church people. We "belong to" the Church, the right Church, of course. We should be a Jesus people, His disciples. He died for you and me, each of us as individuals, and He alone is "the head over all things to the church," His redeemed people, you and me! To whom do you belong, Christ or the Church? - CAH.