"I received the July 1986 copy of The Examiner and was surprised to find that it attempted to address some of the things that I have been studying and pondering for several years. It seems that the liberal/conservative persuasion have identified those of their number, secured their meeting houses, and settled back to practice their form of religion. However, I am afraid that we are being won without a word as we observe the behavior of the denominations round about us. Just like the Jews who wanted a king, we want a form of religion after the denominations of men, complete with elaborate meeting facilities, a clergy, a church hierarchy, and a human creed.

"Can you imagine the outcry if someone were to suggest dispensing with some of our 'traditions,' such as invitation songs, the song before the Lord's Supper, the invitation, the closing prayer, Wednesday night services, or even our standard meeting times. A group of elders even tried to convince me the way to 'start a new work' was to buy land and construct a meeting house. If we are to have the effect people in the NT times had we should follow the example of the men of Cyprus and Cyrene in Acts 11:20 and preach the Lord Jesus." - South Carolina.