Aids - Of Sin Or Of God?

John N. Clayton

Note: This article is very straight-forward and may need to be explained to children who read it by responsible adult Christians.

You've heard it referred to as the "Bubonic Plague of the 20th Century." Articles have been in the newspaper daily about children excluded from school because they have AIDS, and all kinds of political maneuvering has gone on with a variety of attempts to capitalize on the risks involved in the disease. For a disease that was unknown in the United States 10 years ago, AIDS has made unbelievable growth.

The Center for Disease Control tells us that AIDS cause nine fatal conditions in man:

(1) Pneumocystis Carinii - a lung infection
(2) Kaposis sarcoma - a skin cancer
(3) Candidiasis - a fungal condition in the mouth and esophagus
(4) Cryptococcosis - an infection which leads to meningitis
(5) Cytomegalovirus - infections which cause meningitis and colitis
(6) Atypical microbacterial - an infection which usually attacks bone marrow
(7) Chronic herpes simplex - causes anal and oral herpes
(8) Cryptosporidiosis - causes prolonged diarrhea
(9) Toxoplasmosis - an infection of the brain and lungs We list these to emphasize the terrible destructive nature of the virus. AIDS apparently started in Africa and came to the United States by way of Haiti.

The question that we wish to deal with is, "Why has this disease come into existence and why now?" Already the media has started to spread the idea that AIDS is a flaw in the design of the Earth. The idea is that natural processes which are totally a product of chance have produced this virus and it is just one of many bad things that are a product of a messed-up Earth. Atheists have started using AIDS as an argument against God's existence, maintaining that imperfection in the creation reflected by AIDS shows that God did not do the creating of the Earth and life on the Earth. Attempts have been made to suggest that all people get AIDS and that it is unrelated to lifestyles or any moral principles. Why would a loving and merciful God allow such a destructive agent on the Earth? Is it a vindictive punishment device or is there a logical answer to this whole situation?

The first point that needs to be made about AIDS is that it is not a highly contagious disease. Nurses and doctors working with AIDS victims do not contract the disease. The chances of a person who is not gay, promiscuous, taking drugs, or getting blood transfusions getting AIDS is less than one in a million. (The odds of dying in a car accident are one in 5,000.) The virus that causes AIDS is very common in monkeys and is known as simian T-lymphotropic virus. Monkeys in Zaire, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya - specifically, the Green Monkey - came in close contact with humans. Sexual uses of the animals spread the virus to man. It would have died there had the men that contracted it not been homosexually involved.

It is at this point that the design of the human reproductive system comes into play. The vagina has a lining composed of layers of squamous cells which are plate-like and are rugged. These cells resist rupture and infection. The tissue has relatively few blood vessels and is virtually AIDS-proof. The male reproductive system is just the opposite. The urethera, which is the tube leading from the bladder, is lined with column-shaped ceils and has numerous blood vessels. The design of the system makes AIDS very difficult to transmit from male to female, so it is primarily a male disease.

Homosexuals engage in sexual relationships that involve the anus. It is very easy for the AIDS virus to pass from one homosexual to another because the anus also possesses cells easily ruptured and with an excellent blood supply. AIDS will most likely always be a homosexual disease. Haiti is an area known for its gay recreational atmosphere. The reason for the high Haitian incidence of AIDS is no mystery.

If men had not been sexually involved with animals and with other men, AIDS would still be unknown. It is not a vindictive act of God. The Bible tells us in Galatians that "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." God cannot allow us to be free moral agents and then not allow us to reap the consequences of what we sow. - Does God Exist?