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Challenges Black Leaders. Henry Mitchell is a black preacher who lives in the middle of some 250,000 black people on the westside of Chicago. In his newsletter (Star News) of February, 1987, he challenged the leaders of the Southern Leadership Conference to "march against those blacks that have caused ninety five percent of the injustice to come upon the blacks." He said, "It is high time for you dudes to stop misusing the great masses of black people. Every one of you when you make it to middle income you move out from your people (Black)...I understand this day your slogan that 'We Shall Overcome' a hand full of you dudes overcome and the great mass of the blacks undercome. What I mean by undercome is the conditions of the great mass of the Black Americans have deteriorated since you started your overcome cries." He says that statistics from the department of HEW show that of the money given to help poor blacks only fifteen percent reached the poor and the rest "went into you dudes pockets along with the nine to five limousine liberals." These are the "dudes" who run the programs. Addressing his remarks to Rev. Williams of the Southern Leadership Conference, he says, "Your actions have hurt the Black Poor Americans more than it has helped."

Pastor Mitchell related that when he and a group of fellow ministers tried to get a meeting with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to advise him in helping to solve problems of Black America, King refused. Mitchell's North Star Mission has a program of providing jobs and assisting both black and white students in college. Their summer Watermelon pro-gram provides jobs for over 3,000 people. The mission does not accept government grants. (Star News, 1257 Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL 60023) - The Witness.