The Networks and Their
Immoral Garbage

In March 1986, NBC chose none other than self-proclaimed sex "therapist" Ruth Westheimer to counsel children on sex in MAIN STREET, an afternoon program aimed at teens and pre-teens. Westheimer, who advocates sexual activity (pre-marital, extra-marital, child sex, etc.) for all, told the children (who appeared to be ages 13-17) any age is okay to start having sex - if they "feel" like it. NBC re-ran the hour-long show on prime-time in June. No expert - minister, teacher, parent, social worker, psychologist, child psychiatrist, etc. - was invited to present traditional moral views that sex is to be reserved for marriage. Abstinence, marriage and family were words curiously absent from this NBC sex advice show for children.

And in April 1986, CBS followed suit with a 60 MINUTES segment pushing school-based sex clinics, interviewing students, Planned Parenthood personnel, abortionists, etc. - everybody who thinks he has something to gain by perpetuating promiscuous sex for teens. Most all of the school-based clinics established thus far (in junior and senior high schools) distribute free contraceptives to students, make referrals for abortion, etc. - all without parental knowledge. CBS chose not to have a clergyman, concerned parent, pro-lifer or other expert to offer any balance in the "debate."

NBC pioneered in bringing this free-sex-for-teens morality into the prime-time family arena. As early as 1983 SILVER SPOONS encouraged pre-teen boys to explore sex with older girls. It may be the show which began an avalanche of programs, primarily family sitcoms, urging teens and pre-teens to become sexually active. Synopses of a brief sampling follows.

February 1, 1984 - HOTEL (ABC) A father hires a prostitute for his teenage son whom he thinks has never had sex. (As it turns out, the boy is already sexually active with his young girlfriend.)

February 24, 1984- BLUE LAGOON (NBC MOVIE) This 1981 theater release features cousins (a boy, 7, and a girl, 6) stranded on a desert island. They grow up alone in a beautiful paradise, begin having sex and have a child.

June 21, 1984 - FAMILY TIES (NBC) Mrs. Keaton explains to her 16-year-old daughter that the child herself must make the decision when to have sex with her college boyfriend.

December 1, 1984 - GIMME A BREAK (NBC) Teenager Julie goes to a weekend ski resort to have sex with her boyfriend. Nell, the housekeeper, there with her own date, discovers them. She advises Julie to have sex with the boy only if "you care about him."

December 1, 1984 - SPENCER (NBC) Sixteen-year old Spencer is distraught because he is a virgin. His father tells the boy he is supposed to "lust after" girls.

January 23, 1985- FIRST AFFAIR (CBS MOVIE) A

teenage girl has an affair with an older married man.

March 23, 1985 - UNDER ONE ROOF (NBC) A mother and grandfather help a 16-year-old boy and his two friends buy an old van for the boys to have sex in.

May 7, 1985 - HAIL TO THE CHIEF (ABC) A teenage daughter tells her mother she has lost her virginity. The mother replies, "If you're happy, I'm happy!"

November 5, 1985 - GROWING PAINS (ABC) Fifteen-year-old Mike is devastated because he can't have sex when a young seductress tries to get him into bed. His mother tells him it's okay, it's even alright to wait for someone he loves; he'll know when it is the "right time."

March 1, 1986- BETRAYED BY INNOCENCE (CBS MOVIE) A 16-year-old girl has an affair with a 41-year-old married man.

June 28, 1986 - BABY SITTER (ABC MOVIE) A teenage girl quits college, moves in with her sister and the sister's live-in lover. The teenager then begins going to bed with her sister's lover.

With just this partial listing, it becomes evident that the networks are mounting a concerted campaign to legitimize sexual activity among teens. During the current season, the theme has been "responsible" sex. Parents are telling their teens to have sex with whomever they wish, whenever they wish, but be sure of two things - that it's the "right time" and that they use birth control.

September 20, 1986 -HEART OF THE CITY (ABC) Kevin, 15 and very insecure, has his first sex. One of the father's first concerns is if he used a condom. The two then discuss in a tender scene how great it was to have sex for the first time.

October 18, 1986 - HEART OF THE CITY (ABC) This time, the same father apologizes to his 16-year-old daughter after getting upset that she wants birth control pills. He tells Robin her heart will tell her when to have sex with her boyfriend.

November 3, 1986 - KATE AND ALLIE (CBS) Kate (the mother) tells 17-year-old Jenny to "wait till it's right" to have sex, then go to the doctor and get birth control pills.

November 4, 1986- WHO'S THE BOSS? (ABC) References are made to 14-year-old Samantha being "sexually active," and her father advises her not to do anything that makes her feel "uncomfortable."

December 1, 1986 - CAGNEY AND LACEY (CBS) "Contraception is very important;' says the mother, "If you care enough about a girl to make love-you should also care enough to keep safe." Her advice is for her son, about 16.

February 8, 1987- VALERIE (NBC) David, 17, is shocked when an 18-year-old houseguest in his parents' home climbs into bed with him asking him to make love

to her. He insists they wait until he can get condoms; his mother discovers the teenagers' plans and congratulates David for being responsible.

Not a single one of these shows considered marriage a prerequisite for having sex; in fact, at least one mother insisted to her daughter that she does not need to get married before having sexual relationships. Abstinence does not even merit a mention in the sex sermons coming from the prime-time pulpit in our living rooms. - NFD JOURNAL, April 1987.

Editors' Note: Just think about all the impurity, filthiness, silly talk and coarse jesting which are not fitting for Christians, that pours into the homes of this nation. Then there is explicit immorality of all kinds. The daytime and nighttime "Soaps" are filled with fornication, adultery, sensuality, drunkenness, murder, corruption, crime, etc., but it is daily fare in many homes of Christians. - CAH.