Book Recommendation: The Theft of a Nation, by William W. Baker, 162 pages. The author is a preacher of the Independent Christian Church background. He formerly taught at Ozark Bible College. He now lives in Las Vegas, NV and spends most of his time on the public speaking circuit; largely dealing with Biblical background and other factual information on the Middle East problems. He has traveled in the Middle East several times and is personally acquainted with many who are involved in all sides of the conflict.

The book tells about the "theft" of that little part of the Middle East "stolen" from the Arabs and given to make the territory for the Israeli nation. If you are interested in what has happened and is happening in that part of the world and how it affects the US and the rest of the world, you should read this book. Perhaps I should put it in stronger terms: If you love truth and freedom, if you care about the future - your children's welfare - and the people of God (Christians), then you should read this book. It will enlighten you and likely anger you. It is interesting and factual.

He explains the background of the struggle, the contestants, the US tie to Israel, the super-powers involved, the Nature of Zionism, political realities and ramifications, and a special, extensive study of Biblical prophecy and the Promised Land. The last chapter deals with The Search For Peace. Send $8.00 to Defender's Publications, P.O. Box 11134, Las Vegas, NV 89111.

1987 Version of Jeremiah 5:30 "An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land: (l) the preachers (clergy) prophesy (teach) falsely, and (2) the Eldership rules on their own authority; and (3) my people love it so! "But what will you do at the end of it?"

More Influence Than Numbers. Political influence of American Jews is far above their proportion in the population according to two noted Jewish political activists, Hyman Bookbinder and Stuart Eizenstat. During the past 40 years, Mr. Bookbinder said, "We have learned to build coalitions so that, although we are only three percent of the U.S. population, we can call on 40 to 70 percent non-Jews in the country to join with us in promoting what we believe is in America's interest." Mr. Eizenstat noted that there were virtually no Jewish political action committees ten years ago. Today, he said, there are more than 70 giving money to candidates who support Jewish issues and trying to defeat those views which are antithetical to Israel or other Jewish issues. He also pointed out that 14 years ago there were only two Jewish senators and 12 Jewish members of the house, and today there are eight Jewish senators and 30 Jewish representatives. (NFD Journal, January '87) - The Witness.

Modern Version - Could It Be? Then the preachers/clergy said, "Come let us devise plans against Holt. Surely the truth is not going to be lost to the Eldership nor the divine word to the Pulpit Minister! Come on and let us strike at him with our tongue and with our pen, and from our sacred pulpits and in our publications; and let us give no heed to any of his words." (cf. Jeremiah 18:20).

The Way It Is? Question: Which is the greater problem in the church, ignorance or apathy?

Answer: "I don't know and I don't care!"

Crowded: If you think the beaches are crowded, just take a look at some of the swimsuits.

Check Those Totals, Girls! Bing Crosby said several years ago that the only way some of Hollywood's glamour girls can tell if they're married is to add all their marriages in one column and all their divorces in another. If the totals do not come out even, they're married.

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