Don't Read This - You Don't Want To Know!

Strange Prayer Breakfast. The sixth National Prayer Breakfast in honor of Israel, sponsored by the Religious Round Table, was held during the National Religious Broad-asters Convention in February. Christian News carried a report by William Bole, who said that Master of Ceremonies Ed McAteer read a ridiculous and sacreligious poem, linking Christians who dare speak out on any aspect of Jewish perfidy with the Nazis. Any wrong doing against Christ and Christians that Jews might be guilty of through the centuries is to be completely overlooked, while Christians who dare speak a word contrary to Israel are one and the same with the Nazis.

Boles said, "The silliness didn't stop there." Racism and anti-Semitism were recurrent themes at the breakfast as al- most every speaker implied that the Christians and Arabs of the world are guilty of terrorism, but Israel and Jews world-wide are innocent. Congressman Bob McEwen of Ohio blamed America for all racial strife and closed with a parody of one of our great national hymns, "My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of bigotry." Attorney General Edwin Meese, parroting the Reagan administration's line on Israel, defined terrorism as the worst form of anti-Semitism in the world. In other words, terrorism is per se and de facto anti-Semitic. (What does he do with the bombing of the King David Hotel by Menachem Begin?)

The prayer breakfast for Israel was disrupted by a group of 25 so-called Black Hebrews, who were protesting Israeli racism and the mass deportations of their members from Israel. Despite the fact that these Black Hebrews are pro-Israel and pro-Jew, Executive Director of the NRB, Ben Armstrong, and the Washington Times newspaper characterized their peaceful demonstration "anti-Semitic" and "terrorist!" The demonstrators, protesting racism in Israel, were removed forcibly, in some cases quite brutally, by Washington police, White House Secret Service, and hotel security.

Religious News writer Bole asks, "Why should American Christians honor a nation...which has established Talmudic Judaism as the state religion? Why should American Chris-tians honor a nation that discriminates against its citizens and other residents on the basis of race, religion, and sex - practices that are forbidden in our country?" He asked why Christians should honor a nation that attacked our ship at sea (the U.S.S. Liberty, 1967) with the intention of sinking it, killed 34 sailors and Marines and wounded 171. Why should Christians attending a convention devoted to the propagation of the Word of God have a breakfast to honor a nation which has passed laws against the activities of our missionaries, forbids the establishment of Christian radio stations and broadcasts and persecutes both Jewish and Arab Christian believers? (Christian News, Feb. 16, 1987) - The Witness.