'Golden Girls' again mocks Christianity

The February 7 episode of NBC's GOLDEN GIRLS made a mockery of Christian prayer, made fun of a Christian evangelist, talked of incest and contained several sex jokes, which according to the Pittsburgh Press was par for the course.

The paper said of the program: "Not only is sex a constant topic of conversation, it often seems to be the show's reason for being."

The program's dingbat, Rose, is also portrayed as a Christian and in this show she gets ridiculed for wanting to say a prayer before bedtime. In this scene the heat has gone out and the four characters are all in bed together to com-bat the unexplained bitter Miami winter.

When Rose climbs back out of bed to say her prayers, an intolerant Dorothy says: "Oh Rose, God wouldn't mind if you skipped a night, He's very busy these days. Most of His free time is spent talking to Pat Robertson."

Included in every episode is the smart-mouthed Sophia. In this scene she gets tired of the other three complaining of the sleeping conditions and explains: "I slept with my two brothers until I was 17. I was engaged to one for a very short period of time...but that's a separate story." Later in the program Sophia talks of her deceased husband's sex habits.

The program also contained comments from the show's sex-obsessed Blanche. Blanche, whom TV Guide calls "promiscuous," constantly boasts of her countless adulterous affairs. Here she talks of having sex with a circus clown.

This weekly garbage is produced by Touchstone, a Walt Disney company. - NFD Journal.

(Editor's Note: The sad thing is that Christians watch this "filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting, which are not fitting..." (Eph. 5:3). Worse, they allow their children to watch this wickedness. The results are predictable. - CAH.)