Nelta Brock

1. THE TEACHER: Many times, the blame lies with the teacher. The scriptures tell us, Be not many of you teachers..." Why were we given this warning? We were given it because being a Bible teacher, whether publicly or privately, is serious business. No one should stand before a group of God's people and try to teach His word when he knows not His word. This would disqualify him as a teacher. When one is not qualified the group soon knows that and they realize that their time can be used for God in better ways than sitting through such a boring weekly class period. "It is better to have no class than to have a poor class."

2. THE SUBJECT: Choosing just any subject for a ladies' class will not hold attention for long. C.R. Nichol, a well-known gospel preacher from the past, once said he was appalled at the material used by ladies. He said his experiences had been that most of the ladies were not grounded enough in the truth and time was usually wasted on shallow material that did nothing to help them grow spiritually. How true! How true!

To keep women spiritually weak by feeding a constant diet of non-nutrient spiritual food is to foster retarded babes in Christ, not strong, healthy mature Christians.

3. THE PROGRAM: A dull class has a dull program with a dull teacher standing before a dull audience. How many classes have you attended like that? It makes one wonder why even the few remain until the end of the class semester.

A program consists of the way the class is conducted. Usually the teacher lectures and the audience sits quietly. (Sometimes with their minds on everything but the lesson.) Maybe remarks are offered from the audience, occasionally. Some of the remarks should show to a qualified teacher the sad state of the spiritual maturity of some of the students. I repeat, "to a qualified teacher," because many teachers have such little Bible knowledge they would not recognize the spiritual lack in the students.

Is there a way to correct the wrong ladies' class? Yes! There is a correct way to have a ladies' class, a way that will provoke interest so that at the end of the semester the attendance will be up, not down. How?

Having been taught individual responsibility for obeying God there will be women who take seriously the command that the older women are to teach the younger women. They will have prepared themselves for such service to their God. They will be Bible students, themselves, being filled with God's Word. Then they cannot help but teach because, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Such a woman will have a deep desire to share her faith with others at every opportunity. At each class period she will be filled with her subject: and have a boundless enthusiasm for it.

Because of knowing what brought her to a knowledge of the truth and knowing, also, what food made her full-grown she knows what will do the same for the students and she wastes no time on material that is shallow "kibbles and bits." She "shuns not to declare the whole council of God."

As the qualified teacher stands before the class she forgets herself and focuses on the lesson and what strength the lesson will give to the students.

She is an experimenter. She realizes that all teaching does not have to be done the same traditional lecture way. For instance, she might try:

1. A panel. Sitting four ladies facing the audience and allowing them to give differing viewpoints on a matter. Then by applying the scriptures to what is said much food for thought is absorbed.

2. A forum. The teacher speaks for a few minutes on the lesson and then the class is encouraged to participate in discussion. (Each is encouraged to speak.)

3. Debate. (Oh, how we fear and hate that word.) Two sides of a question are presented, first by one "debater" and then by the other. By this way of teaching, God's Word is not allowed to be censored by anyone. The students are allowed to see both sides of a question and then, combined with their private study, work it out for themselves.

4. Slides or video. Either of these might be included to more clearly present a lesson. However, a qualified teacher would not depend too heavily on such helps.

Can we be full-grown Christian women? Yes! Let us be!