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Think About This: "To sit by in silence when they should protest is what makes cowards out of men," so Abraham Lincoln put it. He was right about it. He saw it happen many times

Does the word "coward" describe you my brother or sister? This is the question each of us should consider seriously and objectively. Do you remain silent when you should speak up and stand up and be counted? Are you fearful to protest and oppose? Rev. 21:8 plainly says that "the cowardly" ("fearful") will have their part in the lake of fire.

Courage is a needed quality in our day and in short supply among God's people. Many don't believe in protesting anything, standing up for or against anything. We don't openly oppose anything except maybe those who do oppose something. There is no "spirit" or "fight" left in us, except perhaps against each other. How sad.

Have you checked your courage lately? "Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might."

Logic and The Gospel of Christ. This is the title of' a new book by Olan Hicks. It has eleven chapters dealing with an important subject. Some of' the chapters are: "Logic and the Necessity of Human Authority," "The Concept of Exclusivism," The Concept of a Closed Mind," "Reasoning or Rationalizing," "The Concept of Faultfinding," "What We Must Do About Error." and others, it is definitely a book that needs to be studied by the serious Christian who wants a good look at this subject. The book will be sent to anyone who will send a contribution of $5 or more to: Gospel Enterprises, P.O. Box 1253, Searcy, AR 72143. Send for your copy today.

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"Please add me to your mailing list of subscribers. Am excited, at least over the two issues I have read, to see a magazine come out without fear of censure from the 'Brethren.' Hope you will be able to keep above all the terrible darts and spears of the 'defenders of Truth' and tell it like it is with a loving spirit. They are all our brothers, they just don't want to be." - Arkansas

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