In July 1986, Gene Frost, editor of Gospel Anchor, delivered two lectures at the South End C of C in Louisville, KY on "Individualism." He charged that "Individualism" is a heresy and anyone who preaches such is a false teacher. In his speeches he lambasted The Examiner and me for teaching this horrible "heresy." Yet in his speeches, three times he confessed that he believes in "Individualism!'' Honest Injun, it's on the tape! Right there before God and men he "condemned himself' as a believer in what he called "the heresy of Individualism." Bless his confused heart. He is so "angry" (he openly admits) and frustrated in his "declared war" on this heresy that he is too blind to see that he is likewise guilty. Does he believe what he condemns in others?

Gene certainly uses a lot of distortion, misrepresentations, and half-truths (which become whole lies) in his attacks upon The Examiner and me because we believe and teach this heresy, according to him. He is so confused he is rather pitiful.

I feel sorry for my good brother Gene. He whales away at a "tar baby" of his own making and gets stuck in his own trap. How sad. -- CAH