1 Thess. 5:21 "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." November 1986 Vol. 1, No. 6


Reuel Lemmons

Times & Preaching Have Changed

Charles Holt

Editorial: Where are the Christians

Status Report - One Year of Publication

News & Views

The Pulpit Priest

Personal Note - My Prediction Has Come True

The Last Word

Bob Neil

Facts About Chemical Abuse

Philip Schaff

Houses of Worship - The Church House

Dusty Owens

"Placing Membership" (?)

Ewayne Dennis

Can It Be Done with Misfits?

Nelta Brock

The Changing Roles of Women! Suppose…

Buff Scott, Jr.

Exalted Titles

I. M. Seakin

Bugtussel Report

Edward Fudge

HELL: A Consuming Fire (No. II)

Ryan Ross

Wearing Our Best

Olan Hicks

How Reliable is Logic?


What Does "Forsaking the Assembly" Mean?

Terry L. Gardner

1000 Lawyers or 1000 Bibles?

A. Roberts

The "Collection" or "Treasury"

G. C. Brewer

No Substitute for Preaching

Samuel O Serious

Letter to the Editor

Norman L. Parks

The Modern Lords Over God's Heritage

Mark Thompson

That Your Joy May Be Made Full

Michael R. Weed

The Secular Church

W. W. Wow

Our Present Dilemma


Only When I Laugh


Letter to the Editor

Local Church Crisis