Suppose today you are 85 years old. Your physical lifetime is almost over. You are sitting in your favorite rocking chair, reviewing your life. You are asking yourself this question: What have I accomplished for the Lord? As you dwell on this question you evaluate your accomplishments. Are you ready to meet your God? Did you prepare yourself, and your gifts, to return to God who made you?

You think back to the birth of your daughter. You were very excited, yet apprehensive about the great responsibility God placed on you as you accepted your special gift from Him. You recall being reminded at the time that this little infant did not belong to you, but was only loaned for a while so you, with the help of your husband, and others, might prepare this gift to return to her Maker when her life-span was finished. You feel again the excitement and the thankfulness to God for such a gift.

Your baby daughter looked so tiny as you cuddled her. It would have been easy to treat this new bundle as a toy, to be used for your own enjoyment. However, you knew that was not the purpose she was given. You knew that her training started that very moment, and would continue until she returned to God, because you knew that no one ever gets finished being trained by life.

You remember pondering at the time just what the training of your gift involved. Words of training were not sufficient in the beginning. You knew that your child would see God through you who tended her minute by minute. The soothing sound of your voice and the tender touch of your hands were telling this special gift about her Creator. You were allowing God to minister to, and train this infant through you. What a blessed privilege.

You remember time passing so quickly. Soon the gift was an infant no longer, but had entered childhood. Your responsibility grew as she grew. Now you were not the only one sending messages to the child. She spent more and more time away from you and with others. She entered school and other authority figures emerged. You felt sad at the change, but knew it was part of the plan for her growth.

Your training now was more intense. You still taught through your actions but now the Word, itself, must be taught. Oh, you had done this even when the child could not understand the words. However, now she understood. Remember how you became more of a Bible student, yourself, so you might know just what to teach her? You knew she would hear false teachings about God's will from her playmates, from those in school, and yes, from Bible teachers who were not Bible students, themselves. You had to prepare her for this, and the way you prepared her was to fill first your mind and then hers with the light of God's word.

What a pleasure it was to watch her g-row, physically and spiritually. Soon she was a teenager. This age was a real test as to how successful you had been in teaching, so far. You knew that the way she handled her teen problems would determine if the teaching had "taken."

There were problems, of course, but you were always there for her. You allowed nothing to interfere with your minute by minute, day by day training. It amazed you how easy the training was because of your first filling your own mind with God's word and then by letting His light shine through you to your daughter.

Then, you remember, she was finished with the turbulent teen years and had emerged a beautiful young woman, eager for responsibility. She married. Then, she too was blessed with God's gift. It thrilled you to see her care for her daughter with such love and tenderness, as you had cared for her.

At this point in her life you realized something many women never did; your daughter's training was not over. You were still a strong influence in her life. You had reached the middle years and you knew through the Bible study that you had continued roles to perform and the way you performed them would influence the performing of her roles when she entered the middle years.

You pondered the scriptures which said, "Let the older women teach the younger women..." You became a Bible teacher, and became available to the younger women who had problems that needed your wisdom. You pondered Dorcus and the love and help she extended to the older women who were lonely, or who were simply uplifted by Dorcus' love for them.

You continued working for the Lord and your daughter continued watching and imitating your Godliness. What a pleasure she was to you as you reached your senior years. You thrilled at the knowledge, and love for God that flowed from your grandchildren who had been brought up in the Lord.

As you sit in your rocking chair you know you are ready to meet your God. You have not sat by idly and watched life pass you by. You have lived your God-ordained roles through Christ who comforted you. You are ready to return to God who made you. Blessed art thou.